Binbougami Ga! 4 – Glorious Nudity

Just what I need after a long and tiring day.


Momiji and Bobby run into each other while Momiji’s literally fishing for help.

Momiji’s pet Inugami (dog god) Momou pops out of the water.

Momou happens to be a total masochist.

Momiji orders Momou to take Ichiko’s Fortune so he transforms Super Saiyan style.

Into a cute puppy!

Momou forces his way into Ichiko’s house using his cuteness.

He equips a pair of dentures that lets him bite the Fortune out of people.

Unfortunately, Ichiko’s Fortune serves to protect her like coincidentally throwing a punch and hitting Momou while Ichiko’s asleep.

Meanwhile, Momiji and Bobby are drinking together. Momiji’s the type who complains endlessly while drunk.

Second half, Momou spies on Ichiko at school. He notices how she gets all the guys’ attention and all the girls’ jealousy.

He notices her being exceptionally happy while reading a letter.

Momou remembers Momiji’s tip about how Suwano is the only other person Ichiko cares about.

Momou uses another Binbougami device. This time a doll that unleashes Misfortune when the nail is removed.

Unfortunately he gets caught in its effect when Ichiko holds him while asleep and while the doll spreads Misfortune.

House cleaning services show up and unknowingly throw away Suwano’s letters.

Ichiko panics and searches the dumpster for them. Momou waits for her to get tired before he drains her Fortune but she keeps looking through the trash even through the night.

Momou witnesses Ichiko breaking down into tears at her loss.

Momou gives in and retrieves Suwano’s letters for Ichiko.

Ichiko hugs and thanks Momou who knows he failed his mission.

Ichiko washes up with Momou after being in garbage for so long.

Momou gets too excited from Ichiko bathing him and all and turns back into his humanoid form by accident.

Obviously, Ichiko’s not too happy about her dog actually being a friend of Momiji and even getting to see her naked.

Bobby comes in to save the day (with a video camera)!

Ichiko throws Momou at Bobby, knocking them both out. Momiji breaks through the windows to add to the chaos.

The show ends with Ichiko blasting Momiji, Momou and Bobby out her apartment.


Yay nudity! *Ahem* Anyway, pretty okay episode as far as Binbougami Ga! goes. The episode introduces a new character in Momou so it’s not just a filler episode. It has a little plot relevance to it. The thing is, Keita debut last week and is pretty much nonexistent in this episode. Who’s to say Momou won’t suffer the same fate? Well, I dunno. I still can’t figure out how this show wants to pace itself. So this episode carries pretty much the same traits as previous episodes. Some improvements though. Ichiko’s voice isn’t mellowing down and losing that irritating factor. It’s still not award-winning acting, but I guess it fits the standards of this show. There’s also the last five minutes or so of the episode where it just goes full on fanservice mode. I’m not one to succumb to fanservice but it works with this show. Unlike Tari Tari, this show doesn’t respect its own characters so it’s fine to utilize them in such a way. “Doesn’t respect its own characters” sounds harsh but analyze for a bit. Would the Dark Knight trilogy be praised the same way when every 10 minutes of the movie had Christian Bale’s ass or abs on it? It wouldn’t be the gritty and dark representation of terrorism and a classic superhero. No, it would be like the Avengers: Fangirl bait.What I’m trying to say is that Binbougami Ga! is not selling itself on an engaging plot or deep characters. It’s selling itself on comedy and fanservice and it’s doing a fine job at that.

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