Tari Tari 4 – I Approve of Sawa’s Sleepwear.

It compliments certain “assets” of hers.


Konatsu tells the old guys to quit interrupting their practice for the World Music Festival.

One of them tells her that they were a big time band back in the day called the Condor Queens. Konatsu remembers them as the band she used to dance to with her grandpa.

Meanwhile, Wein catches Mr. Spanish chasing after Wakana.

He gets a taxi to trail them and tackles Mr. Spanish. Mr. Spanish apologizes and reveals he was a friend of Wakana’s mom.

Konatsu gladly gives the Condor Queens her group’s spot on the stage for the World Music Festival, much to Sawa’s disapproval.

Konatsu also gets Sawa and Shiho to let the Condor Queen’s stay at their temple. The Condor Queens move their RV to the park outside the Okita temple and reunite with their third member, Mr. Spanish who brought Wakana with him.

The band talk about the good old days with Wakana’s mom helping them out. One of them tells Wakana that she resembles her and that the band was greatly saddened by her death.

The band pay tribute to Wakana’s mom later at sunset.

Konatsu sleeps over at Sawa’s house. Sawa wakes up due to Konatsu’s snoring and stuffs Konatsu’s face with her cute horse stuffed toy.

Next day, Konatsu tells Sawa that she’s skipping choir practice to watch the Condor Queens.

Sawa gets mad and tells Konatsu that she isn’t playing a game. If she’s going to work, she has to work to be the best.

The Condor Queense advise Konatsu to take the opportunity to sing with her friends while she still can but look for her own stage since they’re also going out to give their best performance on the day of the World Music Festival.

Wakana finds the rest of the club still practicing even without Konatsu.

Konatsu consults with Shiho to find venues where they could still play in.

Konatsu asks a flower shop keeper if they can perform on his stage for the festival but he says another girl already booked the place. Turns out he was referring to Wakana.

Konatsu and Wakana bond over some juice and that one song piece they used for practice for their first recital.

Konatsu tells the club about their next performance and the Hawaiian themed song they’ll be using.

So the group take some time each day to prepare for the World Music Festival.

The day comes and the group meet at the beach to watch the Condor Queens since their location doesn’t attract an audience.

The Condor Queens tell them that the audience doesn’t attract the singer, the singer should attract the audience.

Before Wakana leaves, one of the band members gives her the letter her mother wrote to the band the day Wakana was born.

Konatsu complains about her audience of a trio of bratty kids and their parents. Sawa reminds her that she’s a lot like them too.

Konatsu’s choir sing to their tiny audience as the show comes to an end.

Konatsu and the group celebrate the festival with the Condor Queens with a group photo when Sawa notices Wakana missing.

Post credit scene shows Wakana clutching her mother’s letter…


Why can’t I hate this show? Why? Is it the realistic and yet interesting characters? Is it the unique and awesome soundtrack? Is it Sawa and her awesome breasts hat? Why must this show be sooo good? Honestly, I’ve enjoyed every episode so far. This show has so many good things going for it. I love the whole atmosphere of Tari Tari, its calming and heart warming when it needs to be but it does fine showing times of conflict too. Actually, the show hasn’t really gone into any deep conflicts yet. It’s been four episodes and the plot has been pretty light until now. I’d like to believe that the last scene with Wakana and the letter signifies that things will be picking up. Tari Tari has been good so far, but the show’s been taking it easy. I can fully praise the studio and it’s writers once they get into the thick of things. Now about this episode…It was just as good as the previous ones. Entertaining and funny but with just the right ratio of comedy to story. The episode put some focus on Wakana’s mother and it was effective story telling. The one scene where the band played before Wakana’s mother’s grave made a subtle effect on me. I also love how the flashback of Konatsu’s childhood with her dancing with her grandpa turned out to be a foreshadowing of the Condor Queens. Speaking of the Condor Queens, it’s kinda weird how their actual names weren’t mentioned, not even Mr. Spanish. Hell, the pet pig got his name said. It’s “Poem” by the way. The band members weren’t totally playing the wise-and-kind old man role. They actually had moments of fooling around and being disagreeable (with them not giving back Konatsu’s spot at the beach stage and all). Still, I get where they’re coming from. With their age, any performance they do could be their last. It might be something worth being selfish about. Also another episode to enjoy Sawa in a bikini. YES! Still no actuall fanservice. Girls in bikinis are regular sightings in a beach and the show treats it as such. This show obviously respects its characters enough and makes me respect them too.

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