Sword Art Online 3 – Holy Plot Twist Batman!

Title not related to this episode. I just watched The Dark Knight Rises and it was awesome.Summary:

The Black Cat guild throws a feast for Kirito for saving them.

Kirito hides his level while being invited into the guild.

The next day Kirito joins them in level grinding.

Kirito and the guild leader Keita take a break, Keita reads from the game newsletter that the two leading guilds have made it to the 28th floor.

The other guild members join them and Kirito enjoys the friendly atmosphere.

Later, Keita tells the guild about his plans to buy a guild house.

Kirito goes out for some late night level grinding and runs into Yukimura Sanada Klein. Klein’s pretty happy about the reunion but Kirito feels uncomfortable and takes his leave before they could catch up with anything.

Kirito gets a message from Keita about Sachi, the girl in their guild, gone missing.

Kirito finds Sachi under a bridge.

She admits to being afraid of dying in-game. Kirito comforts her and gets her to smile again.

Sachi spends the night in Kirito’s room. Nothing dirty here, she really just sleeps there. No playing around and such.

Next day, Keita goes to purchase his guild house. The others decide to do some level grinding in a high level dungeon.

Inside the dungeon, they find a secret room and a treasure chest.

It turns out to be a trap. They get locked in and monsters start spawning.

The guild members fight but they end up dying one by one.

Sachi also falls. She tries to tell Kirito something but Kirito misses it and only manages to read her lips.

Time passes to December. Kirito gets info about a boss that drops a rare item that can revive a fallen player.

Kirito remembers the time when Keita commits suicide when he learns of the death of his friends.

Kirito goes for the boss alone but meets Klein who was following him. Their reunion is cut short when they get surrounded by a guild of PKs (Player Killers).

Klein and his guild stand their ground to give Kirito a chance to escape and find the boss.

Kirito finds the boss and singlehandedly takes it down.

Kirito returns to Klein tired and disappointed. Turns out the item only revives players within ten seconds of their death so he can’t revive Sachi.

Kirito gets a message late at night.

It’s a message from Sachi dated for Christmas. In the message, she admits that she didn’t expect to live up to December but she thanks Kirito for supporting her.

She also adds that she got see Kirito’s real level when she slept in his room.

She ends her message by humming “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reigndeer” as Kirito breaks down into tears.


Well this was a much slower episode than the past two. This time, we get a new set of characters and we see Klein again. The episode deals with some more personal dilemmas. There’s Sachi and her fear of dying and Kirito who is hit with the tragedy of losing his friends. I called it from the very beginning that the whole Black Cat guild is going to die. They weren’t really presented as important characters. They really didn’t look all too different from the background characters and there was just something about them all that screamed “plot tool”. Sachi, despite getting the most focus, wasn’t such a well-developed character, but her problems are understandable. If I was stuck in an Online game where death in-game meant death in real life, I’d be worried to. Maybe not cry-under-the-bridge level of worry but I’d have my moments of weakness. Something that I have to criticize is how overly angsty Kirito is. He may not be on the same level as Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed or Zuko from Avatar but his emotions are still very exaggerrated.That’s just forced drama right there. Another thing I have to complain about is the constant time skips this show takes. How many months has it been since Diabel died? Long enough for Kirito to reach level 40. The day the members of the Black Cat guild all died was somewhere in June. Then the show takes a big time skip all the way to December. Shouldn’t these people be starving in real life? What’s keeping them alive for so long? The game can probably simulate the sensation of nourishment but surely it can’t actually provide the player’s body with the nutrients necessary to keep them alive! With that kind of technology, I wouldn’t mind living in a video game world. Hell, screw real life! I’d be living in Skyrim with that kind of technology!

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