Binbougami Ga! 3 – Even More Parodies

This show just lives off them.


Ichiko receives a letter from Suwano who’s on vacation in a another country. He tells her to greet Momiji for him.

Momiji, meanwhile, is bumming around in Ichiko’s house. She says that she’s the one preventing Ichiko from sucking all the Fortune from everybody else.

Ichiko throws Momiji’s little Binbougami keychain and it hits Bobby who was sneaking in from the outside.

Ichiko throws Momiji out as well and disregards the need for company. In school, the thought of company enters Ichiko’s mind and she thinks that the only company she’s missing is a boyfriend.

Just then, the boy sitting next to Ichiko wakes up and she notices how he’s handsome enough to be her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Momiji is using another one of her Binbougami devices to listen in to Ichiko’s thoughts.

Classes end and Ichiko notices that the boy who sits next to her left his I.D. She learns that his name is Keita and she uses this as an opportunity to return it him and see his house.

She fantasizes about Keita being a rich and princely.

In reality, he lives in a tiny cramped apartment, the type lower-middle class people usually live in.

Keita brings Ichiko in for dinner and she gets to meet his big family minus his parents who left their kids to look for the lost treasure of Tokugawa.

The little angel on Ichiko’s shoulder tells her to ditch this poor-ass family.

So Ichiko sort of aggravates Keito into hating her. She even goes as far as throwing money at them as if they’re beggars.

Keito gets mad, throws the money back at her (at her boobs to be specific) and tells her to leave.

Days pass, Ichiko runs into Keito’s little brother at a convenience store. He and his friends were buying trading cards.

Ichiko suddenly comes up with an idea of bribing Keito’s family to get to him.

She starts by buying Keito’s little bro a trading card and, with her incredible Fortune, he ends up with a super rare card.

Unfortunately, little bro drops the card and it falls in a gutter.

He goes in to look for the card and gets lost inside.

Keito learns of Keito not coming home so he goes out to look for him. After searching frantically, he thinks of asking Ichiko.

He learns that Ichiko last saw him after she bought him the trading card. Keito admits that he wants to earn everything by his own effort to set an example to his siblings.

Momiji gives Ichiko her bunny ears and Binbougami keychain and tells her to find Keita if she really cares for the others.

Ichiko finds Keito’s little bro drowning in a river so she dives in before Keito could.

Her incredible Fortune causes a tree to catapult her and Keito’s brother back to land.

Keito and little bro thank her and go home.

While Momiji complains about Ichiko wrecking all her Binbougami devices.


Well it’s your standard Binbougami Ga! episode. Take that how you’d see it. I’ll just say I don’t usually go “your standard x episode” in just three episodes. Maybe the show is good enough for me to feel comfortable with it? Maybe it’s so predictable, the past three episodes have provided nothing out of the ordinary? I dunno. I’m confused…Anyway, this being “your standard Binbougami Ga! episode” means it carries the show’s usual strength. Lively pace, engaging music, decent dose of fanservice, enjoyable comedy and all that. That means it also shares the show’s usual flaws too which is to say Ichiko’s unbearable screaching and its poor attempt at trying to fit a moral lesson into the episode. The build-up was okay but it was nothing that wowed me. To end on a high note, I did find myself paying attention to the whole episode and not once getting bored. It means the show is presenting itself right, they just need to work on putting out a good story now, but hey, it’s a comedy anime. Story can wait as long as they still have material. The writers just have to know when to fit the story to refresh the show once in a while. Anyway, that’s it for now. Until next time!

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