Tari Tari 3 – I Waited for 18 Minutes to See Sawa in a Bikini.

This is one of the few times I wished a show utilized fanservice…


Makoto tells Konastu that he and his friends are quitting her club. Konatsu tells lil’ bro that mom knew where his porn was.

The chain on Wakana’s bike breaks as she’s headed for school. She gets help from a mysterious Spanish man. The Spanish man says she looks familiar but Wakana doesn’t understand.

Mr. Spanish gets to close to Wakana and she freaks out and tries to get away from him.

At school, two other girls quit Konatsu’s club.

Konatsu and Taichi get their respective clubs dissolved by the vice principal for not meeting the required members.

Konatsu complains to her friends while Taichi looks for a loophole. Taichi finds nothing and Konatsu tells Taichi to join her club. He refuses and walks out to look for Atsu/Wein. Yeah, I like Wein better.

Where’s Wein? He’s feeding squirrels while a hawk steals the rest of his lunch.

Taichi asks him to join his Badminton team.

On Wakana’s way home, she runs into Mr. Spanish again.

Taichi brings Wein to his house but forgets to lock his bike so he tells Wein to wait for him in his room.

Wein enters Taichi’s room and catches Taichi’s sister undressed in his room. Wein proceeds to bunny hop out of Taichi’s room in embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Sawa asks one of her shrine’s  patrons if she could work at his beach restaurant during the summer.

The beach restaurant owner came to attend a city council meeting. They’re look for ideas for what to do during Summer. Shiho suggests a music festival with an inter-cultural theme.

Meanwhile, Konatsu’s looking for a way to get club members. She challenges Taichi to a handicap badminton game with Sawa on her side. Whoever loses joins the club of the winner.

Wakana and Wein join too. To Taichi’s surprise, the three girls serve at the same time.

Taichi manages to keep up but one shuttlecock heads toward Wein. Wein makes an epic jump…but it hits the net giving Konatsu’s team the victory.

After the match, Konatsu shows Taichi that she made her club the “Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club”.

The group approach the principal at the hospital to approve of their club. The vice principal walks in to do some official business and rejects Konatsu’s proposal by crumpling her paper.

Wakana picks up the crumpled proposal form, fixes it and gets the principal to approve it.

Konastu and Sawa learn of the upcoming music festival from Shiho while at the beach.

Konatsu asks the restaurant owner to let her choir perform.

Meanwhile Wakana encounters Mr. Spanish again.

Konatsu, Sawa and Taichi sing  their school anthem to impress the owner.

The owner starts losing interest when a couple of foreigners start playing some guitar to mix their performance up a little. It works and a crowd starts gathering around the restaurant.


So things cooled down a lot from last episode. Not much happened this time around. This episode simply served as a build up but it was still very interesting. The episode introduces some strange Spanish guy who seems to be a joke character but he also seems to know something about Wakana’s mother. Not sure whether to call this a good or bad idea. Let’s just say it’s interesting for now. This episode also gives us a briefing on the next story angle. A music festival is coming up. Our main characters are part of a music club. No way! Are they going to be fighting dragons?! Nah, it’s obvious where this is going but I still wanna see how this turns out. Are those guys who played guitar going to help Konatsu’s group or will they be their competition? I get the feeling it’s going to be the latter. Also, quite a personal comment but something I must share: HOW COULD THE SHOW NOT EXPLOIT SAWA IN A BIKINI?! It would have been a perfect fanservice moment! It would have gotten the show more attention! Okay, honestly. I have to praise the writing team for being big boys and not resorting to that cheap strategy. They kept the show rspectable…Despite having a Spanish man and his pet piglet. Speaking of the Mr. Spanish, couldn’t he speak Japanese? On the other side of that topic, why does Wakana have terrible English skills? It’s either the writers were just that bad or it was intentional for humor purposes. I’m guessing it’s the latter. They couldcast a Spanish speaker but they couldn’t give the voice actors a good English coach? I don’t think so. Yeah, probably just for comedic effect. I admit, I kinda chuckled when Wakana pulled a serious face and said “I don’t moneh!”

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