Sword Art Online 2 – Here Comes The Butthurt Noob!

Please tell me this guy is going to be the final boss. I’d love to see that.


It’s been a whole month since the launch of Sword Art Online. 2000 people have already died due to the game’s stipulations. No one has managed to defeat the first floor boss yet. Kirito joins a large group looking to devise a strategy to defeat the boss.

The leader of the group, Diabel tells everyone to form parties of six at most. Kirito worries about getting left out and partners with a hooded loner named Asuna.

Before the group could proceed further, Kibaou the Butthurt calls for everyone’s attention and demands that the beta testers apologize for taking advantage of their experience and leaving the new players behind.

A big scary black guy dares to disagree with Kibaou the Omniscient God of Butthurt.

Egil the Black points out that it was the beta testers that made the guide-book which is being sold for free. Kibaou the Omniscient God of Butthurt and Champion of the Noobs gets owned.

Diabel gets the group to move on and discusses battle strategies from the guide-book.

Later that night, Kirito and Asuna talk over some bread and butter.

The day when the group raids the first floor boss arrives and Kirito learns that Asuna has never been part of a party.

The big kangaroo boss appears and Diabel’s army get to work with their strategy.

The boss’ HP gets low and enters rage mode. Everything seems to have been as the guide-book says so far. Diabel tells the others to stand back so he could finish the kangaroo boss off.

Kirito notices that the boss’ weapon is different from the beta version so the guide-book would have been wrong. He tries to warn Diabel but is too late. Diabel gets hit with a lethal blow and is sent flying.

Kirito tries to heal Diabel but fails (HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY FAIL HEALING SOMEONE IN A GAME). Before disappearing, Kirito figures out that Diabel did what he did to get a bonus item.

Kirito and Asuna resume the attack. The big bad boss rips Asuna’s hood revealing her face.

Egil and the others decide to stop doing nothing and join in on the assault.

Asuna and Kirito double team the boss to finish it off.

Kirito lands the killing blow and the boss falls.

Everybody celebrates except for the Immortal Queen Kibaou the Omniscient Goddess of Butthurt and Champion of the Noobs. He blames Kirito for letting Diabel die. Egil and Asuna try to reason him when Kirito laughs arrogantly.

Kirito starts bragging. He says that not only is he a beta tester, he’s the best damn beta tester of Sword Art Online. Yippee.

Kirito equips his black long coat of evil and walks out.

Asuna stops him from leaving. Kirito tells her to make friends and join a guild because solo playing sucks.

He dissolves their party and leaves.


A nice step up from the first episode. A lot less scenery porn and a lot more action and relevant dialogue. This time we’re introduced to three characters: Asuna the female protagonist, Egil the mandatory black guy in a fantasy anime, and Kibaou the annoying butthurt jerk everyone watching this show should hate. The writers actually succeeded in getting a reaction out of me and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I noticed, and I didn’t expect, this show to actually have some evident psychological themes. In this episode, we’re presented with the sociology of an MMORPG. Kibaou is a good representation of how the weak blame the strong for their troubles. Yes, there is some partial truth to that. In real life, there are those who cheat to get to higher places and it’s natural to hate those people but there are also those who are just damn good at what they do. In an RPG, the former would be hackers and the latter would be natural veterans. I doubt Sword Art Online has hackers given the grave consequences of defying the law of the game so that makes Kibaou a loser jealous of people who are better than him. As far as I know, players aren’t obligated to help each other out. There are guilds for that. Why the hell didn’t Kibaou join a guild? Less evident but still relevant, there was that scene where Diabel revealed that he was going to take the bonus item. The show didn’t point it out but Diabel was basically playing the noble leader so he could have goons to do his dirty work while he picks up the rewards. I called it the moment he told everyone to back up. “This guy is gonna try to get that big bonus and is gonna fail and die.” I was right. Diabel died a pitiful death. Now, aside from all the deep stuff, I have to praise this show’s music for setting the right atmosphere for the big boss battle. The animation during the fight scene was kinda mixed. A lot of times, it was smooth and stylish while in between those times, I could see the typical budget technique of zooming out so the animators don’t have to detail the characters’ faces. Well, that’s about it for episode 2 of Sword Art Online. I can’t say much for the next episode since the preview is just the next episode’s title being flashed while one of the characters reads it in monotone.

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3 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 2 – Here Comes The Butthurt Noob!

  1. anon

    Just an FYI to everyone who didn’t read the novels, Diabel got hit with three continuous damage combos that crit’d. Potions in SAO are very slow acting (which is why the front lines switch out to the side to heal) Therefore, Kirito could not save him. He was also a dick in the manga trying to buy Kirito’s sword so he could not deal damage to the boss giving him a higher chance of the rare item.

    1. giuvigiuvio Post author

      Thanks for the info. I haven’t read gotten a chance to read the novels so I just call ’em as I see ’em. Of course that means I might miss some details.


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