Binbougami Ga! 2 – Parodies, Parodies Everywhere

Doraemon, Gundam, Dragonball and Rosario + Vampire to name a few.


Momiji is phoning God of Misfortune HQ begging them to let her go all out.

Momiji appears at Ichiko’s school as a transfer student.

Ichiko’s obviously not too happy about this.

Momiji spends the whole day torturing Ichiko through pranks with some bordering on lethal.

A perverted black monk approaches Ichiko while she’s walking home.

He starts rubbing his face against her leg and gets pounded to the ground for his troubles.

At home, Ichiko finds Momiji turning Ichiko’s closet into her own home.

Ichiko also finds the pervy black monk taking a whiff off Ichiko’s underwear which Momiji threw out the closet. Pervy black monk gets another beating.

Pervy black monk introduces himself as Bobby. He was travelling across the country when he felt a great aura of Misfortune coming from Ichiko’s area.

Bobby knows Momiji is the source of all the bad aura. He tells Ichiko that she can counter the bad aura with her incredibly strong Fortune.

Bobby gives Ichiko the Soumin Shourai which can ward off Momiji’s aura. He also gives her a special priestess attire…

Which turns out to be a set of gym clothes. The style nobody wears anymore too. Also, no shoes. Bare legs. Yay.

And first half ends with a manga cliffhanger. God I hate it when that happens!

Ichiko and Bobby confront Momiji.

Momiji makes fun of Ichiko’s outrageous attire. Ichiko gets pissed and manifests her Fortune power into an army of cute animals.

Momiji gets caught off guard and is forced to run from Ichiko’s army.

Momiji recovers from Ichiko’s attack and gets serious.

She goes all out and summons her own army of Misfortune.

But her army turns out to be a bunch of lazy bums. Apparently the manifestations take the characteristics of their owner. Lazy Momiji = Lazy army.

Ichiko delivers the final blow and sends Momiji flying.

Momiji is forced to camp out for the night under a bridge. She phones Binbougami HQ again. They tell her to return since she couldn’t subdue Ichiko despite going all out. Momiji demmands to stay longer and hangs up.

Meanwhile, Ichiko has to deal with her new unwanted visitors.


Now this episode was a lot easier to screen cap. There wasn’t much of anything to take note of this time. I guess the biggest thing plot wise in this episode is the introduction of the new character Bobby and Ichiko’s newfound powers. And how I absolutely love Ichiko’s new costume! Ehehehehehehehehe…Anyway, right now, I agree with how the show is being presented. From the style of story telling as well as its pace. Compared to Medaka Box, which I think has a similar style with this show, Binbougami Ga! Is a lot more genre savvy. The writers know it’s something that shouldn’t constantly present itself as something serious and they don’t. The writers made this a smorgasboard of fanservice and exaggerated gags. Medaka Box tried too hard to have a story. Well, it only had 12 episodes to work with. I’m guessing Binbougami Ga! will be one of those shows with 24 or more episodes. This is Sunrise after all. The animation this time was noticeably good especially during the fight scene. Reminded me of the classic old-school action anime I watched when I was a kid. Speaking of old-school, there was a lot of parodies of old-school shows like the ones I named at the start of this post. The comedy for this show is quite hit-or-miss for me. I occasionally crack up at Momiji’s quirks and this show’s utter randomness. On the other hand, I kinda had no reaction to some of the parodies and Ichiko’s yelling got annoying after a while. I’ve gotta give props to the voice actors. I wouldn’t survive a role that required constant screaming and the ability to switch tones at the snap of a finger. Also there was quite a lot of filler segments that either provided a refreshing break from all the shouting or got in the way of really good parts. In no way is this show ever going to be a literary classic so I won’t treat it like it should be. For now I’m just having fun with the show and I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.

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