Tari Tari 2 – Wein. Ween? Weeeiiin!

What was up with the flashback of Konatsu and grandpa dancing?


The five main characters run in to each other at a park.

Sawa takes Konatsu and Wakana to her home while Taichi and Atsuhiro go hang out somewhere else.

Along the way home, the three girls meet Sawa’s mother Shiho who was on her way to the beach.

Sawa shows Wakana a video of Konatsu’s performance at the choir last year, much to Konatsu’s embarrassment.

Sawa asks Wakana to join the new choir club. Wakana actually accepts Sawa’s request.

Meanwhile, Atsu mistakes Gyudon for Sukiyaki.

Konatsu goes home, interrupts Makoto, her brother, as he’s bathing (again) and asks him to invite his friends to join her club. She also reminds him that changing his porn hiding spot doesn’t change anything.

Konatsu gets enough members with the help of her brother and submits her request to the principal.

The principal actually puts himself as the club advisor and approves Konatsu’s request. Yay!

Konatsu browses the score sheets when much to her surprise, Wakana starts playing the piano. Konatsu gets Wakana to play during practices by bribing her with cakes.

Konatsu picks a score and asks Wakana to play it.

The song reminds Wakana of her childhood when her mom used to hum it for her. Konatsu also enjoyed the song enough to pick it for her choir’s first performance.

The choir club hold their first meeting to discuss good meeting dates.

The vice-principal enters the room just as Wakana was about to leave. She refuses to let Konatsu perform the song at first but let’s her have it anyway for some reason.

So the choir start practicing for their first big performance.

Performance day comes and poor Sawa is left waiting for the principal to show up so they could leave.

Konatsu gets Wakana to lead the choir while she looks for the principal. Sawa looks for Ms. Takanashi, their homeroom teacher, to fill in as a substitute.

Konatsu gets news on the principal’s whereabouts. He got cought in an accident involving his bike. Konatsu visits him in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Sawa finds Ms. Takanashi at the hospital doing her check-ups.

Sawa contacts Konatsu as they both rush to meet each other. Turns out they were at the same hospital.

Meanwhile, Wakana asks that her choir perform last due to the other members still having yet to arrive. The vice-principal agrees only because it was the principal’s orders.

Makoto calls Konatsu telling her the bus carrying all the other choir members got caught in traffic.

Konatsu contemplates on giving-up and heading home when Sawa slaps her in the butt to knock some sense into her.

Sawa convinces her to carry on with the performance they all worked so hard on even if it would be just the two of them. Konatsu and Sawa take to the stage as they are called but Konatsu starts getting nervous.

Wakana shows her support by taking on the piano.

Konatsu regains her confidense with Sawa and Wakana on her side. Sawa and Konastu perform their piece as a duet as the show fades to the credits.

After credits, the vice-principal gets a phone call from the principal. He says he’s going to be out for a few days so she should take over for Konatsu’s club. This can’t be good…


Good episode. The show fixed its focus problem and it wasn’t all over the place like last episode. The music this episode is a lot more noticeable since it’s actually incorporated into the story. Quite enjoyable actually. I totally agree with how Konatsu described the piece she had Wakana play. That’s saying a lot coming from me actually, I don’t really like music-themed anime. K-On is not music themed if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s moe themed with a little music on the side. I still don’t like K-On anyway. Tari Tari is not like K-On. Yes it has cute high school girls for main characters but the shows does so much more with them in two episodes than what K-On did in two seasons. It’s not all play time with this series although it looks like the type that would be. Anyway, enough of my shameless K-On bashing (Sorry about that). I really love the interaction between characters here. It’s another thing it has in common with Hanasaku Iroha. Now on to the episode’s weak points. It was good but not as good as the first. That’s the case with most anime anyway. The show’s visuals took a little hit at consistency this time. I swear, Konatsu looks really short at some angles and some times the perspective didn’t feel right. There’s also the case with the pre-opening song scene. Not really a flaw but it was really cryptic. A young Konatsu dancing with his grandpa to goofy oldies music…What could it mean? Also, Taichi and Atsuhiro pretty much disappeared after what? Eight lines in total? And probably half of those eight lines was Atsu going “Wein!”. That’s his Austrian name by the way. Well, next episode seems to include Taichi and his one-man badminton team and OH MY GOD IS THAT SAWA IN A BIKINI?! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

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