First Impressions: Sword Art Online 1 – Powered by EA Origins

Doesn’t anyone read the Terms and Conditions?


Our main character Kirito logs in to Sword Art Online during launch day.

And this is how he looks in-game.

One of the many noobs approach Kirito. The noob introduces himself as Klein. He observed that Kirito seems to be adept at the game mechanics and figures out he was a beta test player. Klein asks Kirito to show him the ropes.

So they go out to a field. Kirito demonstrates the motion-based skill system by throwing a rock at a wild boar’s ass.

Klein tries it out and finishes the boar off.

After hours of playing, Kirito and Klein take an in-game break to admire the scenery.

Klein tries to log out so he can pick up a pizza he ordered but he can’t find the log out button. Kirito checks his own menu and he doesn’t have a log out button either.

Kirito says it can’t be a bug or else the mods would have shut down the server and cause a mass log out. Klein starts panicking for his pizza’s sake.

Suddenly a bell rings and it’s heard all through out the game.

Kirito and Klein get teleported into a town along with all the other players.

A GM appears out of the sky and reveals himself to be Kayaba Akihiko, the creator of Sword Art Online.

He says that the lack of a log out feature was on purpose. They cannot force themselves to log out or their Nerve Gear, a helmet console used to run Sword Art Online, wil fry their brains. There have already been reports in the real world of 213 players dying out of trying to remove their Nerve Gear.

He says the only way they could survive is to get to the 100th floor and clear the game.

He sends all the players a gift, a mirror. Kirito looks at it wondering what it does.

Suddenly Kirito’s screen blacks out. When he recovers, he finds everyone’s appearance changed to reflect their appearance in real life, him and Klein included.

“May the odds be in your favor.” says the GM as he disappears.

Everyone starts to panic.

Kirito pulls Klein out the rioting crowd and into the streets.

He shares a strategy he devised to get ahead in the game. He says they should move to the next town and get stronger before everyone moves and all the supplies run out.

Klein declines Kirito’s offer to cooperate and tells him he’s got friends he’s worried about so he’s going to stick around and look for them.

Klein and Kirito exchange gay compliments (seriously) as they part ways.

And so Kirito starts running for the next town.


Somewhat underwhelming but that’s probably because I had some really high expectations for this show. This was my second most anticipated show behind Tari Tari.So good things to say about the show: It has godly visuals. The setting design and presentation is on par with Tari Tari. The fantasy world looks so beautiful. The characters on the other hand look a little bland. I get it, they’re all new players at this point so I should expect everyone to have similar looking noob armors but the character design looks so inferior to the world of Sword Art Online. The animation for this show looks smooth. Nothing much has happened yet but I liked how the whole motion-based skills tutorial went. The music in this show is your standard RPG fare but that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned since I love fantasy themed music. I also have to commend the show for not resorting to fanservice on the first episode. Pat on the back. Now my problem with this show is the plot. It’s your standard “Battle Royale” plot only this time done in an RPG. It seems very linear but hey, it’s the first episode. It’s not much to judge by. I was worried this show would come off as a rip-off of the .Hack series but I’m glad to say it quelled my worries. This show decided to take the “bad guy tricking people into a deathmatch” route instead of .Hack’s usual “unexplained phenomena causing havoc and threatening to ruin The World.” story. I’ve always found .Hack stories to be quite improbably. Still, not like this show’s story makes anymore sense. Okay, I’m sure if there were 10000 gamers gathered in an MMO game, only about 2 would have read the Terms and Conditions but how does a big game developer manage to lock its players in its games without risking lawsuit? What kind of cruddy laws does Kirito’s world have that game companies can get a game without a log out function through a play test without anyone pointing it out? And why in the hell would anyone approve of a game console that can fry your brain? I get it that only Sword Art Online would use the brain frying function but that means it was built-in the console in the first place! Somebody better get arrested next episode! Geez, don’t tell me 10 year olds are allowed to play an M rated game like Call of Duty. Oh wait…Anyway that’s it for now. Despite my complaints about certain plot points, this show looks good. It looks like it can deliver some good fantasy style action which is something always welcome for me.

8 thoughts on “First Impressions: Sword Art Online 1 – Powered by EA Origins

  1. dillon

    your review is awful. you didn’t understand a lot of it. they approved the game consoles ability to fry the brain because there was a safety on it so it was thought impossible to happen unintentionally. and the log out was obviously available in the Beta test so it got approved under the idea of their being a log out. that was obviously changed before the shipping day. just take a minute to think about that and you wouldnt have had a complaint towards it.

  2. Harry Eaton

    Imho that comment about them exchanging “gay” compliments was unnecessary, although Klein is either gay or bisexual Kirito is straight, does that mean a straight guy has to take offence at another man finding him attractive? No. A compliment is a compliment and Kirito took it as such.

    As a Bisexual guy myself I find it odd that so many people feel the need to defend their sexuality by becoming aggressive around those with a different one. This anime was great at including that scene without making a huge thing of it.

    1. giuvigiuvio Post author

      I’m sorry if the word “gay” aggravated you but it was never meant to be an attack on anyone’s sexuality. In the context of my comment on the scene, “gay” simply refers to how Klein complimented Kirito with rather flirtatious words. Kirito reciprocated with a friendly response so I don’t see anyone take offense here.

  3. Raven

    After watching the whole season. I was disappointed that they did not keep Klein wanting him in a more romantic way. I thought of it as a bold step and I like the fact that they had a gay/bi person in the show. Just they did not add to it very well. I would have been fine with just more hugging or something.


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