First Impressions: Binbougami Ga! 1 – Why Do I See Medaka?

And Goku and Vegeta?


In the realm of the Gods of Misfirtune, Momiji is assigned an important task.

That task is to suck out all the fortune of this unusually lucky (and busty) girl named Ichiko.

So Momiji goes for the scare tactic while Ichiko’s in the toilet but she fails to capture her as Ichiko runs scared.

Ichiko calls for help but when she returns to check the CR with her fanboy army, nothing’s there.

Ichiko goes home and takes a bath.

Then Momiji surfaces out of Ichiko’s bath water.

Ichiko tries to shoo Momiji but nothing works. After several failed attempts of hitting Momiji with a baseball bat, Ichiko gets tired and finally agrees to listen to what Momiji has to tell her.

Momiji explains that she’s a God of Misfortune descended to return the balance of fortune and misfortune. She tells Ichiko that she’s absorbing all the fortune around her causing an alarming imbalance.

Ichiko laughs it off and says Momiji and her flat chest is jealous of Ichiko’s bountiful set of boobies.

Momiji snaps and breaks out a giant syringe to suck out Ichiko’s fortune.

Common sense tells Ichiko to run for her life. Nothing, just wanted to show Ichiko’s fleshy legs :3

Ichiko slips on a bar of soap which causes her to miraculously avoid the needle which snaps, ricochets of a wall and hits Momiji instead.

Ichiko tells her butler Suwano to get Momiji and her creepy stuffed bear out of her apartment.

Inside the car driving Momiji to who-knows-where, Suwano comments on how nice it is that his master finally had a friend visit her house.

Suwano returns and reminds Ichiko that her birthday’s tomorrow. She tells him she’ll be excited to see what he’ll cook up for the occasion.

Ichiko leaves for school the next day. Momiji returns and snoops around Ichiko’s house and ends up finding Suwano collapsed on the floor.

She sends Teddy to tell Ichiko. Ichika rushes out of class to see Suwano.

Suwano suffered a sudden heart attack. Ichiko is left alone in the house for her birthday. She finds the cake Suwano baked for her and starts eating it. Momiji appears before her and tells her this was an effect of her sucking out his fortune.

Ichiko finally agrees to let Momiji take her fortune. She gets injected with Momiji’s syringe and has her fortune sapped into a capsule.

Suddenly Ichiko hits a German Suplex on Momiji and runs off with her fortune.

Momiji gives chase and corners her at the hospital. She figures out that Ichiko would destroy the capsule and release the fortune onto Suwano.

It works. Suwano regains consciousness. Ichiko visits Suwano as he recovers. For his sake, she fires him. She doesn’t want him anymore trouble by sucking his fortune but she keeps that part from him and bids him goodbye.

Weeks pass and Momiji has managed to live on her own thus far. Momiji returns and tells her that most of the energy she released went back to her so she needs another injection.

Ichiko argues with Momiji as the show comes to an end and hoo boy…


Let me just start off by saying screencapping this show was painfully hard. Hard because there was just so many scenes worth capping but I had to narrow it down to this just this much. The show does a lot for twenty minutes. A lot of jokes fired out there, some were good, some meritted no reaction. The fanservice in this show is a little less than what I expected but just right. With a light and not plot-heavy show like this, fanservice is forgivable. This show is being made by Sunrise studios so I’m quite confident that it will go beyond 12 episodes. The whole episode was focused on Ichiko and Momiji with a little bit of Suwano. The show couldn’t go one minute without either character off screen. Well, it’s a good thing I guess. It won’t make this show difficult to follow plus I like the main characters. Ichiko may have a voice I can’t say I agree with but I like how she’s so arrogant and egotistic without coming off as a sterotype princess (You know? The type that typically has blond drill hair and laughes like “Ohohohohoho!” with one hand straight-palmed below the chin?). Momiji can be lazy, playful, insane and just outright random. There’s also that weird faced bear. Now this is the kind of humor I haven’t had in a while. The duo of Ichiko and Momiji seem so natural for a comedy even if they’re both girls. No sexism. It’s just the first time I’ve run into a Jump-style comedy anime with a pair of girls as the main characters. Speaking of Jump, I haven’t actually read the manga so I can’t comment on how faithful the adaptation is. The music in this show…well I like the intro. A bunch of Engrish but it’s catchy. The soundtracks for the show itself isn’t too noticeable. The visuals are very saturated and generally unimpressive. Your typical Jump comedy anime style. N-E-waaay…That’s all for now. This show doesn’t look like something that could move me to tears but it looks okay enough to enjoy after a long day so I’m doubt gonna keep tuning in.

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