First Impressions: Tari Tari 1 – Nice Hat

Oh, and good episode too.


Some introductory scenes of the main characters. There’s Wakana who lives with his dad who owns a small shop.

There’s Konatsu who loves music and Taichi, the one-man badminton team.

Atsuhiro, a transfer student from Austria.

And Sawa, an equestrian (rides horses) who has a good taste for hats.

Konatsu is part of the choir but her only task is to flip the pages on the pianist’s score sheet. The choir is going to compete in an upcoming tournament. Since she’s memorized her piece, the pianist suggests that Konatsu ask the vice-principal to move her up to the main choir.

Wakana, Sawa and Konatsu meet up in the hallway. They talk about the flowers they brought for something later on. Sawa just happens to bring…Hydrangea (See Sankarea).

Meanwhile, Atsuhiro follows his homeroom teacher to his classroom.

Turns out the flowers were to congratulate the pregnant homeroom teacher who is about to go on maternity leave.

The homeroom teacher brings in Atsuhiro. He introduces himself and follows up with a kneeling bow (I believe the term is “dogeza”).

After the dismissing the class, the homeroom teacher assigns Taichi to be Atsuhiro’s guide. She also gets Wakana to help her bring her gifts to her car.

While making their way to the parking lot, the homeroom teacher strikes a conversation with Wakana. She asks her things like if she’s adjusting well, if she’s making friends, if she’ found a boyfriend yet and stuff like that.

Meanwhile, Konatsu approaches the vice-principal and asks for her promotion. The vice-principal tell her that the choir is entering a crucial stage and mistakes cannot be made. She reminds her of how she botched her role in the choir last year.

Konatsu argues that  she’s been working hard to improve. The vice-principal doesn’t give-in so Konatsu threatens to quit. The (bitch) vice-principal tells her she needs to make a formal letter of resignation. The (bitch) vice-principal’s indifferent tone causes Konatsu to storm out of the faculty room.

Wakana and the homeroom teacher happened to be in the same place and witness Konatsu rage quit.

Meanwhile, Atsu and Taichi are having lunch in the middle of their tour of the school.

Konatsu goes to Sawa to air out her frustrations. Konatsu’s complaining leads her to coming up with the idea to start her own choir club.

So Konatsu approaches her homeroom teacher for guidelines for starting a club. She needs five members. Konatsu thinks Sawa and Wakana will make a good start. Her homeroom teacher advises against getting Wakana since she’s already attending supplementary lessons.

Konatsu walks with Wakana as she heads home. Konatsu asks Wakana to be part of her club but she firmly rejects her. She thinks Konatsu’s just playing around and she, Wakana, doesn’t have time for games.

Konastu yells that she’s not giving up before she even tries as Wakana rides-off on her bike. Konatsu’s words invoke a reaction on Wakana but she continues on her way home.

Later that day, Konatsu tells her brother, who was in the middle of a bath, to join her club.

If not, she’ll tell mom about his porn stash!

Meanwhile, Atsu’s writing a letter to someone back in Austria.

Konatsu and Sawa (and her awesome hat) neet up on a weekend to discuss how the club’s going.

By coincidence, the five main characters meet each other in the park while Konatsu’s singing and being completely oblivious to her surroundings.

Her song ends and she’s shocked to find her classmates staring at her.


Very tame first episode. I have high hopes for this series since it’s being made by the same studio behind Hanasaku Iroha but not much of what I hoped for was shown here. On the other hand, this show bears much similarities to Hanasaku Iroha. Within the first ten minutes, I established this show’s counter parts to Hana Iro. Wakana is Minko, the hard-working and no-nonsense type. Konatsu is Ohana, the optimistic girl and Sawa is Nako, the reliable best friend. Oh, and Atsu is Yuina, the airhead. By the way, if you’re not familiar with Hanasaki Iroha, I suggest you Google it or check Wikipedia. I’ll probably be referencing it a lot while talking about this one. Also, this show shares Hanasaku Iroha’s good points. So far, it’s visually impressive. The music is sparse but sounds decent. The dialogue is entertaining while managing to stay believable. I feel that since I liked Hanasaku Iroha, I’m probably going to like this too. On to some of the cons of this episode, nothing much happened. I don’t expect much to happen on the first episode but I just didn’t feel satisfied. The most dramatic point of the episode would be the scene of Konatsu confronting the vice-principal and it lasted for less than five minutes. Another thing, the show just went all over the place to show what each character was doing at a certain point in the day. One scene, we have Wakana and the homeroom teacher, switch to Konatsu asking for her promotion, switch to Atsu and Taichi touring around the school, then switch to Konatsu talking with Sawa during archery practice, then back to Atsu and Taichi in some other part of school and then another switch to Konatsu walking home with Wakana. You get the point now, don’t you? Well it’s not like any of these are enough to dissuade me from watching this show. It started off slow but Tari Tari still looks promising.

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