State of the Blog Address (June 30, 2012)

So here I am to deliver another State of the Blog Address! Yup, still just me Giuvigiuvio, the one-man writing team of SSAB. Anyway, a few changes and additions I wanna point out. Drumroll please….WE HAVE A BACKGROUND IMAGE NOW! WHOO! YEAH! Sure, it’s just some grey cartoon clouds which a two-year old can do in paint but hey, better than nothing I suppose. Also WE HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE! AWW YEEAAAH! So please: If you like what you’ve read and you don’t want to subscribe to WordPress because you never check your e-mail for updates, then like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter! Don’t be shy! Oh hey, did you notice that the usual SOBA header has a caption now? Even little things are worth mentioning!

(What am I using “we” and “us” for? I’m the only writer in this damn blog…) N-E-waaaaaay…

On a more personal note, I’m back in school, only instead of the usual high school setup, I’m now living the big university life! Since I’m gonna be busy with school work I had to be very mindful of which anime series I’m going to be blogging for the next season. I had to consider many factors while choosing. See, last season, which was during my summer break, I just played some Russian roulette to determine which 3 series I’d be blogging. Thankfully Tasogare Otome x Amnesia was one of those series. So, those factors mentioned were: my interest in the show, my schedule and if those shows can be fitted somewhere, and finally how popular the show is probably going to get. After hours of careful thinking I picked these 3 shows to blog:

1. Tari Tari – By the studio which made Hanasaku Iroha, one of my favorite anime. Premiers July 1.

2. Sword Art Online – Looks like it’s going to be the blockbuster of the season. Premiers July 7.

3.Binbougami ga! – Boobs. Premiers July 4.

As you can see, my schedule is pretty well spaced out. Actually, I’m taking up Binbougami mainly because it’s the only show which isn’t just a day behind or ahead of either Sword Art Online or Tari Tari. By the way, I used this TV Tropes list as reference. I suggest you check it out too. I’ll also be watching but not blogging Lagrange, Muv-Luv, Estetica, and Senjou no Horizon. Feel free to discuss with me through the blog Facebook page!

Well, that’s it for now. This blogs going to bigger and better places. I can feel it. I’ll continue to do my best to improve SSAB so cheer me on and stay tuned! This has been Giuvigiuvio, Sunny Side Anime Blog’s one-man writing team (I canNOT stress that enough for some reason!) So long and see ya!

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