Sankarea 12 – End with a Kiss! (Final Episode)

And spill some bodily fluids while you’re at it.


Rea has dinner with the Furuya family. She feels like a burden with her all-Hydrangea diet.

Chihiro feels that everyone’s putting a great effort to make Rea feel at home. He realizes how hard it is to take care of one person.

Chihiro and Rea go for a late night walk. While standing by the river, Chihiro apologizes since he can only take Rea out at night. Rea says it’s fine and that it’s still a step-up from being locked away at her old home all the time.

On the way home, Rea spots a poster advertising an upcoming fireworks festival. She gets Chihiro to agree to accompany her.

Mero and Chihiro talk once he gets home. Mero tells him that Rea once told her how she wanted to go back to school.

It’s raining the next day so the fireworks festival was cancelled…

Another normal day for Chihiro. Pervy-friend complains about the festival being cancelled. There goes his chance of seeing cute girls in Yukatas.

Ranko greets Chihiro by putting him in a headlock.

The two meet again after class and plan for a fireworks festival at Chihiro’s home.

Chihiro goes home and tells Mero and Ranko about his plan with Ranko. The mention of Ranko makes Rea a little uncomfortable.

Sunset comes and Ranko arrives.

She helps Rea put on her Yukata.

Rea musters the courage to ask Ranko if she likes Chihiro. She just casually says yes.

Ranko asks the same thing but Rea tells her to never mind. Ranko gets a little angry and tries to motivate Rea to pursue Chihiro.

Ranko tells her that they’re gonna be rivals and seals it with a brofist of all the things.

Night comes and the four enjoy playing with fireworks.

Rea visits the Sanka mansion the next day to get her stuff for school.

Her mom stops her at the door of her bedroom. She tells Rea that she’s not going to do anything to Rea. Neither help nor hurt her.

Rea walks home with Chihiro on a familiar road.

The two stop by the abandoned building where they first met and enjoy each other’s company.

Rea suddenly gets a strange sensation inside her.

She lunges at Chihiro.

She grabs his face and the next thing shown is blood trickling down his lips.


Well typical Sankarea episode. The main conflict ended last time and this was just a 24 minute teaser for a second season. You know, most studios would make grand finales for their shows but this episode was very down to earth and very average. I do have to commend the fact that the visuals for the last 5 minutes was absolutely beautiful and the foreshadowing at the beginning of the episode (the ink drop) was clever too.

What do I have to say, Sankarea was quite the let down perhaps? I think the main problem was that it was boring. It did barely anything to keep me interested in watching the series. It had a story; it had characters but it couldn’t present them well enough to actually make me care. The good point to this series is that the plot isn’t completely linear. Occasionally, the story branches off to sub plots like Mero’s mom and Ranko’s relationship with Chihiro. On the other hand, pacing and continuity for this series was just terrible. There were character-focused episodes put right in during crucial plot points. I mean, one episode, Chihiro gets kidnapped, next episode is about the adventures of his little sister. Totally ruins the momentum of the story. What’s worse is that it was like that from the start and it never improved. Shame really, I enjoyed the characters in this show (especially Chihiro and Mero) but I could never get myself to like the show as a whole. Well, the story’s not over yet. I predict a season 2 sometime late this year. Hopefully the studio producing this show would learn from past mistakes and come out better.

2 thoughts on “Sankarea 12 – End with a Kiss! (Final Episode)

  1. izayarabu

    the manga has a much better plot and storyline. it’s really a lot more interesting and different from the anime. you should read it if the anime bored you. 🙂

    1. giuvigiuvio Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion! I’m actually familiar with the author as I’ve read one of his less popular works, Otogi no Machi no Rena. Funny stuff. I just haven’t read Sankarea. I’ll probably start before the inevitable season 2 though.


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