Stop! Loli Time! Moetan’s Pastel Ink by Griffon Enterprises

Pants? She doesn’t need it!

So the story of how I bought this one goes like this: One late afternoon, I was exploring the street across my college during a long break when I stumbled upon a little shop selling all sorts of Japanese goods. The shop was called Wakuwaku (Here‘s their Facebook page). I browsed its stuff for a bit. The shop had figures, music DVDs, some magazines, and even dakimakura (Go Google it if you don’t know)! Then this little thing caught my eye. She was being displayed out of the box and with no base. She had some dirt marks on her and she gathered a little bit of dust. I asked the shop owner if he was selling her and he told me it was supposed to be for display only since it lacked its base and was dirty but if I was willing to buy it, he’d be willing to sell. I told him to hold it for me since I still had to go back to class and it’ll be embarrassing to drag her around in public. We both laughed a little at the thought and I told him I’d fetch it the next day.

So next day, classes ended early and I returned to the shop. The shop owner recognized and greeted me and made his offer, which was a little less than half the figure’s original price. It was a second-hand, slightly damaged figure but still, sweet deal! Hey, owner-san, if you somehow end up reading this, I just want you to know that I’m really really grateful. Expect me to visit again! Anyway, I got home and rummaged around my mom’s cosmetics kit for the nail polish remover and some cotton. See, nail polish remover has acetone which is great for removing dirt marks and bad paint. After about an hour of cleaning her up…Viola! Here she is now looking perfectly fine!

Now on to the review! Pastel Ink is a character designed by POP! Now, I have no idea where she came from. I just know she was in the Queen’s Blade spinoff Queen’s Gate. The figure is 1/7 scale but she’s still pretty small since she’s kneeling down.

Let’s go to the head! She’s got great hair. Just look at those fine strands! Her expression is just adorable too!

Her face looks flat when viewed from the side though.

Her body looks awesome too. You could sense her body twisting by looking at the creases on her swimsuit.

I’m getting pervy thoughts…Must…resist!

Her detached sleeves look fluffy.

What a suggestive gesture she’s doing!

Her fingers look kinda chubby, don’t they? Hey! She has painted fingernails!

A little observation: Her feet don’t touch the floor. I guess it’s just a minor flaw though.

So, back side view.

Her ribbon goes with her whole unkept theme. If you’ve noticed, one of her socks is pulled down and it looks like she’s adjusting her swimsuit.

Overall, I like her. She doesn’t have many good sides to take creative photos of and her feet are off the ground. Those two things are probably the only downsides to her. I’m kinda okay with not getting a base with her since she can pretty much stand (well, sit actually) without any support needed. Also since her base is just a generic white circle with her wand on it. I love her expression, I love her design and I just generally love lolis (plus I got her cheap) so this is a good buy for me. Speaking of goody buy, “Good bye!”

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