Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 12 – Bittersweet Ending…(Final Episode)

Or maybe there’s hope…


The Paranormal Investigations Club meet during the winter and Momoe reports that the old school building has been closed off.

Also, the club room was thrashed. She believes it to be the work of Teiichi’s ghost lover Yuuko.

Speaking of Yuuko, Momoe found her and Teiichi’s love notebook.

Kirie, always getting info dump duties, informs that Yuuko’s corpse was taken from the shrine, which is going to be relocated, and underwent autopsy.

Yuuko gets embarrassed at the thought of people examining her skeleton. She quickly changes the subject to her date with Teiichi. She says they would be doing what they haven’t done yet. Kirie gets perverted ideas.

Yuuko dresses up in some clothes the theatre club left behind. The top was too small for her and it starts getting undone. Teiichi tries to stop it but just ends up grabbing Yuuko’s breast, Meriting him a slap on both cheeks.

Yuuko apologizes later on but Teiichi just says it’s refreshing to see Yuuko get embarrassed. Yuuko attributes it to the fact that she and her shadow self have become one. Now she feels every kind of emotion a regular person would feel.

The two have lunch on the roof. Yuuko prepared a whole bento of Tamago and its many variants. Teiichi gets the feeling she’s doing this to make up for all the wasted Tamago from the previous episodes.

Yuuko’s hand fades for a second and she drops her food. What a waste…

She tries to blame it on her clumsiness. After lunch, the two go to the rooftop and just cuddle together. Her hand fades again and the bell she was wearing falls off.

Yuuko gets up. She tells Teiichi “thank you” and “goodbye”. Then, the dreaded words: “I want to break up.”

Surprised, Teiichi asks why. Yuuko explains that she’s disappearing. Now that she has reunited with her other self, there is no attachment binding her to the world.

Teiichi begs Yuuko to stay but she says she can’t. The two end up fighting.

Teiichi tries to stop Yuuko. He grips her hand firmly. She tells him she doesn’t want to hurt him by making him witness her disappear.

Teiichi tells her that he’ll be with her until the very end. It’s his right, since he loves her. Yuuko tears up. She eventually let’s Teiichi be with her longer.

The two go to the old school building. Yuuko picks up her old stuffed rabbit and tries to tell Teiichi something. Her voice starts fading as well.

Yuuko and Teiichi resort to communicating by writing on a notebook. Yuuko slowly fades from Teiichi’s senses. She asks Teiichi to forget her so that she could leave without any worries. Teiichi tells her it would be difficult to forget her but he agrees to do it for her sake.

Just before Yuuko disappears, she makes a request: A kiss. Yuuko starts disappearing as Teiichi holds her and kisses her. Yuuko completely fades and Teiichi is left alone in the old school building.

Some time later, the Paranormal Investigations club reunites as Momoe tells Teiichi that they the old school building has reopened.

Teiichi visits the club room to find that much of the broken things have been fixed and the room has been cleaned up.

He finds his old notebook in a box. A familiar voice calls out to him…

It’s Yuuko! She’s returned! Teiichi couldn’t stop his tears as the ghost he loved was there right beside him.

Yuuko tells Teiichi that apparently, she’s not cleansed of all her attachments to this world. She tells Teiichi that his kiss kept her from properly ascending so now he has to take responsibility. She crawls up to him and delivers a kiss to the mouth. The End.

Oh, and here’s a shot of Kirie drinking milk. You probably know why.


Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this episode. I was worried that they would pull a last-minute conflict which would cause some poor story execution. Yeah, they pulled a last-minute conflict, but they handled it quite well! What I found amazing was the recurring themes throughout the episode. There were running gags like Tamago getting dropped on the floor and there were more meaningful ones like the notebook. About the notebook, wasn’t that thing ripped up in the previous episode? One running gag I wasn’t so pleased with returning was the boob grab. Outside of that this was a great episode and fit for a final episode.

I don’t know what to put that I haven’t already put. This is one of the best anime of this season, maybe even of the past few years. High quality and consistent animation, Creative presentation, Impactful music and outright great storytelling. I don’t usually give a physical reaction to most anime I watch but Tasogare Otome x Amnesia made legitimately laugh and cry. It was short. A standard 12 episode anime, but it made good use of the time it had. It built characters and established conflicts and key plot points pretty well. Some faithful to the series might complain that  it took some liberties on following the manga but I ask those people to forgive it since the story was brought out and done well anyway. Probably the weakest point to the series is it’s fanservice and characters. Fanservice is pretty much self-explanatory since it’s established that it’s established that it ruins mor plot-driven shows like this one. What I mean when I say that characters were a weak point is there were really only 2 well-developed characters: Teiichi and Yuuko. Others were much less important to the story and obviously played a less relevant role (Kirie is the info dumper and Momoe is a walking joke and occasional tool). I mean, yes, any decent story should have great focus on its protagonists and distinguish them from all the other characters but look at Aquarion Evol. It has Amata and Mikono but there were other people worth paying attention to like Kagura, Shrade, Jin and Yunoha. Maybe it’s because they have the luxury of 26 episodes as compared to TOxA’s 12? Shame. I wished I could see Kirie and Momoe grow in the story. Final note before I cap things off: I wasn’t so fond of the ending. I thought it was perfectly fine finishing with Teiichi losing Yuuko and eventually moving on. A bittersweet ending would create quite a stir. It would be more dramatic and shall I say? Controversial. Instead, the writers took the safe route and had Yuuko return. No problem with sending the viewers home happy I guess, but I still wish for what could have been. This should be the last time I repeat myself for this show: This was just a great anime. Well, this is it. The end of me blogging about Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. I’m gonna miss writing about this show. I seriously wish it was longer so I could enjoy it more…

One thought on “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 12 – Bittersweet Ending…(Final Episode)

  1. jed

    nice review of the anime.
    i also love this series but i am stuck with reading the manga.
    i haven’t finished watching all the episodes but was curios about whats going to happen at the end.


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