Sankarea 11 – Fetish Cosplay Zombies

Gives Chihiro nosebleeds and hard-ons.


Pedo-dad takes Chihiro to a fencing dojo. He will have to fight for his right to keep Rea!

Meanwhile, Rea finally makes it to the mansion but ends up getting captured.

Two maids decide to have fun with the captured Rea by making her wear costumes.

Chihiro tries to tell Pedo-dad that he knows no form of martial arts. Pedo-dad mocks him for being weak but Chihiro fires back calling him a pervert father.

Rea’s forced to wear a bunny costume this time…

She goes Hulk mode and breaks the cuffs binding her.

Chihiro continues to poke fun at Pedo-dad.

He gets a stab through the stomach for his troubles as Rea arives just in time to witness it.

Chihiro retaliates with a headbutt.

Then he sees Rea in a bunny outfit and completely forgets the pain of being stabbed.

Chihiro wonders why he’s not in pain. Suddenly, he remembers Rea licking his wounds and that may have caused some of the Hydrangea poison to transfer to him, making him a half zombie.

Pedo-dad tries to attack Chihiro one more time but Rea blocks.

Pedo-dad hangs his head in shame while Rea tells him she’d rather stay with Chihiro.

Chihiro tells hims that it didn’t matter what things Pedo-dad gave her. What she wanted most was some freedom.

But Chihiro also admits he may not be the perfect man fit for taking care of Rea.

Pedo-dad makes a big decision and hands Rea over to Chihiro with one condition: No sex.

Pedo-dad leaves the country to look for a cure for Rea. Chihiro is relieved but he starts feeling the pain of his wound and he collapses.

He wakes up in  his own bedroom. Rea, Mero and those two maids who made Rea cosplay are there with him.

Ranko bursts in and hug-tackles Chihiro since she was so worried.

Ranko looks at Nurse Rea and realizes she never actually introduced herself. So she does and adds that she’s Chihiro’s fiance.

Ranko rough houses Chihiro as one of her straps fall off (I swear, this girl…).

Rea gets the idea that she likes Chihiro and remembers how they had a stare-down the first time they met.


I’m not sure how to describe this episode correctly. Well, first of all, it was a decent conclusion to the main conflict of the story but it was also kind of weird. Chihiro was cracking jokes while a disgruntled man with a weapon is right next to him. Rea is forced into cosplaying while chained to a wall, which kind of implies those two maids had to strip her. Bet they enjoyed that. What I’m trying to say is, this episode was good. It told a story but it also had some entertaining segments. It wasn’t the usual Sankarea.  The writers stepped up to make this one more entertaining since this is technically the climax episode. They had to make sure that viewers would watch this one all the way through and I could say they succeeded. One thing I noticed is that I didn’t even notice (Wait. Does that make sense?) the music. Again, it’s better than being noticeably bad but music is one of those things that adds to the atmosphere of a scene and without it the story telling has less effect. I’ve always said that Sankarea had weak story telling as opposed to Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. My main concern now is how they’re going to wrap this up. There’s still a couple of points in the plot that has yet to be tackled: There’s Ranko’s relationship with Chihiro (which is probably going to be focused on next). There’s Rea’s drunken mom and Chihiro and Mero’s possibly zombified mom. I’m not sure. Is there only one episode left?

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