Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 11 – The Notebook

Unrelated, here’s Kirie being fabulous.


Teiichi wakes up from the flashback.

Teiichi touches Yuuko’s hand and a spark-like sensation jolts Yuuko. Suddenly, Yuuko can’t sense Teiichi’s presence.

Teiichi consults Kirie and hey! She’s drinking Okonogi brand juice! In case you didn’t know because you just read this blog instead of actually watching the show (Shame on you by the way!), Okonogi is Momoe’s family name and it’s what the characters usually call her.

Kirie thinks that since he absorbed Yuuko’s memories which she dissociated, Yuuko has to forget him to forget her memories.

The days go on with Teiichi trying to ignore Yuuko. Kirie loses her patience with him and tells him to get his act together.

Teiichi visits the club room one day and finds that Yuuko’s been writing on the club notebook so Teiichi writes a message for her.

This leads to a chain of messages between the two.

Momoe pops up and gives Teiichi some candy. Her family is reviving the classic Okonogi brand candy. Teiichi remembers the candy Yuuko gave to Asa and he gets an idea out of it.

He asks Kirie to bring him to his grandmother. Teiichi meets an aged Yukariko. Why must time be so cruel…

Yukariko reveals that she’s been seeing Yuuko as an evil spirit roaming around the school.

Teiichi tells her that she sees Yuuko as the beautiful and kind girl who took care of Asa.

Yukariko brings out an old picture of Asa which gets Teiichi to realize something.

Teiichi finds Yuuko in the club room and starts smashing everything to get her attention.

It works. Yuuko sees Teiichi again.

But she also sees Shadow Yuuko.

Shadow Yuuko grabs Teiichi and lets it all out. Her hatred, her fears, her sorrows. Every negative emotion Yuuko forced her to carry.

Teiichi sympathizes with Shadow Yuuko telling her that the whole time during the flashback, he felt the pain she felt and he also felt powerless because he couldn’t help her.

Teiichi tells Shadow Yuuko that he loves her because she is also Yuuko. Shadow Yuuko gets struck by Teiichi’s words.

Shadow Yuuko and Yuuko’s feelings resonate and the two become one.

Some time later, Teiichi and Yuuko get back together. Teiichi shows a picture of Asa and reveals that she’s his grandmother.

Yuuko is overjoyed at the fact that Asa lived on and hugs Teiichi.

The show ends with Yuuko dropping her bell and having it seemingly phase through her before she picks it up.


So much good things to say about this episode. This one was just nearly flawless for me. The show brought back its awesome way of presenting things which I have always praised it for and the story this time was just bloody romantic. I’ll start with the very best moment of this episode and that’s when Teiichi got a hold of the notebook and wrote a response to Yuuko’s “I miss you.” comment. Soon, that one comment turns into an exchange of love letters. Ah love! It always finds a way! Sorry, I’m just a loveless love freak. Moving on! Another clever thing to take note of is the foreshadowing of Momoe’s involvement in this episode. Remember the juice Kirie was drinking? It had the Okonogi label! It was a really subtle hint at what would happen later on. I’ll admit I didn’t see this until my second run through the episode to take screencaps. Finally there was the big bang ending. It wasn’t a grand ending with much theatrics, but Shadow Yuuko delivered her best “I’m a sad being.” kind of speech yet and Teiichi came back with an equally hard-hitting response. Sure, this scene has been done before, but this episode took it to a whole new level, which I thought was impossible because they’ve done this kind of scene like five times already. A couple of criticisms though. One, Kirie seems to have taken a step back in terms of relevance. Shame since if anyone has read my TOxA posts from the beginning, they would know that I am madly in love with Kirie’s bare legs Kirie’s crybaby tendency Kirie’s lack of breasts Momoe Kirishima Yuuko Yukariko Kirie. Also, the whole time she was doing these weird poses. I don’t usually make reaction faces but…(ಠ_ಠ) Anyway, I think we’ve got one more episode to go and the show’s just gonna bring out some conflict about Yuuko disappearing. I would have been fine with ending the show now instead of bringing out some last-minute problem. It better be good!

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