Medaka Box 11 – Midboss

Unzen is a bloody midboss!


Unzen gets up after Medaka’s attack. Medaka warns him that she will fight Unzen with beast-like violence.

Unzen responds saying he is the upholder of Justice and that he will fight like a human.

Unzen tries to leap over Medaka but is caught with a  punch.

The force of the punch sends Unzen crashing through a building.

Zenkichi recalls that the first time Medaka went berserk was when she failed to reform a loser named Kumagawa.

Back to the fight, Unzen lures Medaka into a closed environment and unleashes his Super Balls.

Medaka ignores Unzen’s attack and goes straight for him.

It turns out the balls Unzen released uncoiled super powerful strings which trap Medaka.

Unzen says they are state-of-the-art and not even Medaka can break free. He mocks Medaka by grabbing her boob while she’s immobile.

Medaka says she can still break free not by breaking the strings but by breaking whatever is holding them (which is the school itself).

Medaka continues to move toward Unzen and indeed she drags the school with her.

Kikaijima and Akune recover and Zenkichi warns them that they should quit the student council if they can’t handle Medaka’s berserk state.

Unzen admits defeat but declares that Medaka will never change him He calls Medaka a pathetic lonely being who reaches out and tries to be human to hide her true self.

Medaka readies to finish off Unzen.

But the student council members stop her.

Medaka slowly goes back to normal as Zenkichi tells her that they will never leave her.

Medaka instantly offers Unzen the role of vice-president once she completely reverted back to normal.

Unzen firmly rejects her offer saying he’s the chairman of the DisCom. Speak of the devil, Onigase and the vice-chairman appear and tend to Unzen. Unzen tells them he would be out of action for a while and they should be worried about the state of the school without an enforcer.

Somewhere in the school, chairman Hakama asks Shiranui for advice on what he should do without Unzen. Shiranui tells him that he could always go to the student council suggestion box.


Well this episode was good in a way I didn’t expect it to be. Medaka Box is an anime adaptation of a Shonen Jump manga with Studio Gainax producing it. You’d think this would be an action-packed and explosive series but no. The only real action in this episode were a couple punches from Medaka, Unzen’s balls flying around and trapping Medaka and the school collapsing. Well in all fairness, Unzen did say he would only last for a few punches. What I’m surprised about though, is that this episode actually had a great script going for it. That is what saved this episode from being a disappointment. Sure, there were some cheesy lines like Medaka saying she’s the student council president and she should be able to move the school (while she’s literally moving the school as she walks) but there must have been a lot of passionate lines in this episode. Unzen had a great monologue which reminded me of the Anti-Spirals’ monologue from Gurren Lagann. It was long and very descriptive but it gave off the right vibes to convince me that Unzen is a definite baddie. I could have pointed out that all these speeches took time away from the action and this could have been done intentionally to make work easier for the writers but hey, at least they didn’t stick with the generic “I’m the bad guy and I will defeat you all!” kind of speech. Unzen pointed out Medaka’s weaknesses and ironies. It was specific and specially fit for the scenario. I found it weird that this whole big fight ended at episode 11. It turns out Medaka Box is going to run even longer and Unzen was just a middle boss. Well, the manga is the type that goes for hundreds of chapters so I really shouldn’t be surprised. It looks like the show is going to go back to filler episodes though. Hopefully by the time the plot picks up again, they’ll surpass themselves from this episode and actually have the amount of action everyone’s just waiting to see.

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