Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 10 – Yukariko Is Strangely Hot

B-but…She’s just looks like a slightly altered Yuuko!


Teiichi is pretty much in Yuuko’s body experiencing a flashback in first-person. Yeah, boobs.

Someone knocks on Yuuko’s door as she finishes changing. It’s her little sister Yukariko (who I instantly like simply because she is a girl in this series who is not Yuuko), Turns out Yuuko is planning to visit a sick friend and Yukariko is trying to stop her. She’s worried that Yuuko might catch the plague. Yuuko assures her sister that she will be safe by…slapping her.

Yuuko visits her sick friend Asa. She brought food but Asa is not interested in eating.

Yuuko eats anyway and Teiichi observes that not only does he see what Yuuko sees, he tastes and feels what she feels.

Asa believes she has no hope of surviving the plague and will die soon. Yuuko tries to comfort her by giving her one of her bells as a gift.

Yuuko leaves Asa after a while and finds Yukariko waiting for her with much concern. The two find the village elders all gathering in the school and Yuuko decides to bring her sister to check things out.

They hide while eavesdropping on the meeting. The elders are all panicking about the rampant plague. They blame it all on the school being built over a shrine without a proper sacrifice. They all conclude that a young, pure sacrifice will appease the gods and end the plague. What the elders plan to do is choose a Red Woman and have her name someone who will be the sacrifice.

Yuuko and Yukariko hide when the elders suspect someone is listening to them. Coincidentally, they hide in a room near the place where part of the shrine still stands.

Yuuko and Yukariko brings Asa home with her to make sure the elders don’t go after her.

After dinner, Yuuko takes a bath (which Teiichi has no choice but to experience). After a while, Yuuko is joined by Yukariko who is even hotter when naked.

Yuuko talks about how foolish the elder’s plans are and how she plans to stop it all. Yukariko tries to cal her sister but Yuuko remains stubborn.

Yukariko slaps her sister in hopes of bringing her to her senses (which Teiichi feels) but Yuuko just slaps back causing Yukariko to get angry and leave.

Yuuko returns from her bath and notices Asa is nowhere to be found. She asks her sister who just points out Asa’s damaged robe.

Yuuko instantly suspects that the elders took Asa for the sacrifice so she runs to the school.

There, she finds Asa tied and blindfolded. She calls out her name and Asa calls back.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Asa was chosen to be the Red Woman. Since she called out Yuuko’s name, the deranged elders believed Asa wanted Yuuko to be the sacrifice. They all grab her and throw her down the pit where the shrine is.

Yuuko’s leg breaks from the fall and she loses her consciousness. She wakes up a while and feels the blood gushing out of her broken leg.

Yuuko sees the shrine and makes her way to it but sees her own disfigured face on a mirror and gets scared.

The candles on the shrine die out one by one as Yuuko calls for help, but her efforts are futile. Then, all the lights go out and Yuuko screams.

Yuuko curses her fate as Teiichi tries to console her. Of course, Yuuko can’t hear Teiichi so his words have no effect.

Yuuko starts to lose it and expresses hatred for Asa and the elders for putting her in this situation.

She calms herself down, she tries to think positively and dies.

Shadow Yuuko awakens.

Yuuko becomes a ghost separated from her Shadow self.


Very interesting episode to say the least. Starting with its strong points, the show brought out even more creative ways to present its story. Flashbacks shown from a first-person perspective have been done before, but this show went with it for the whole twenty or so minutes and even played with it a little. Teiichi’s reactions to being inside Yuuko were quite exaggerated but funny. I like how Teiichi points out that he feels everything Yuuko does as if he’s doing it. This makes the final scenes with Yuuko dying even more dramatic in hindsight. Also, I’ll say it again, I instantly liked Yukariko the moment she appeared on-screen. She had a humble and reserved demeanor which I’m just a sucker for. Maybe, it’s just the fact that Yuuko is so shoved down my throat that any other girl from the series is a refreshing change. My only comment that could barely even be called a criticism is that this episode offers me no idea on how the next episode will go and how it will eventually end. So we’re now at a point in Yuuko’s memories where she is now a ghost. What’s going to happen now? How is any of this going tho solve the conflict that is Yuuko’s darker side? I’m really curious to find out.

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