Sankarea 10 – A Drunk Woman’s Woes

Also, more Babu!


The story continues with Chihiro getting kidnapped.

He’s brought into some sort of chamber, bound to a chair, and served a refreshing glass of orange juice.

Chihiro yells to get the maids to set him free. Instead, Rea’s mom comes in and scolds him for being loud.

Since Chihiro has pretty much no choice but to listen, Rea’s mom reminisces. She was once just a maid of Pedo-dad. Back then, those that wanted to marry him had to be his maid.

Gradually she became the maid that was always by his side but still, he showed no signs of loving her.

One day, Pedo-dad met Rea’s original mother who was a handicap in a wheel chair.

He decided to court and marry her despite the Sanka family’s objections.

Unfortunately, she died giving birth to Rea.

Pedo-dad’s health deteriorated after that moment but Rea’s stepmother continued to take care of him.

Eventually they got married. All seemed to go well but…

Pedo-dad only paid attention to Rea and still showed no love for Rea’s stepmother.

One day, Pedo-dad’s butler showed her why she should give up on loving Pedo-dad.

It was a peephole to the room where Pedo-dad did his naked Rea photography.

Drunk mom greives how things turned out, but she quickly turns to Chihiro and seduceds him.

But she slips while Chihiro firmly states he like zombie girls.

Drunk mom starts crying like a little girl.

She gets Babu to console er but throws him away when Chihiro mentions that Babu is a zombie.

Finally a maid comes and brings Chihiro to meet  Pedo-dad.

Meanwhile, Rea is on her way to the Sanka mansion to save Chihiro.

Pedo-dad reveals himself amd vows to do horrible things to Chihiro.


Here’s a fun fact: My most viewed post is Sankarea Episode 4 – Porno Cliches because it has the word “porno” in it. Back to the review, I liked this episode but I felt that it wasn’t appropriate with the story coming close to its end. This episode brought a lot out of a pretty minor character and Drunk Mom’s story wasn’t half-bad too. It was interesting enough and it had a good flow to it. Not once did I feel that a scene was out of place. Plus, we get to see Babu. We all know that Babu = ratings! Anyway, l mentioned before that this episode is inappropiate. Just like last episode, this one put the spotlight on a minor character who probably won’t even be part of the ending. I can’t actually think of anything Drunk Mom has done to actually contribute to the overall plot. This show could actually just run with just Chihiro, Rea and Pedo-dad. Everyone is leagues behind in terms of relevance. Taking an episode to focus on Rea’s mom is like a making a movie about Batman’s butler Alfred. While I’m sure washing Bruce Wayne’s clothes is a thrilling experience, it doesn’t really add much to the Batman universe. It’s really only there for the fans who particularly liked Alfred. In the anime buisness, episodes focusing on side characters the viewers might be interested in are usually set aside as DVD bonuses. The show has two or three episodes left. If it wants to save itself from having a mediocre ending, it should start focusing on what plot point matters the most and that is Babu doing Babu things Chihiro and Rea’s story.

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