Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 9 – Power of the Boob Grab

All Shadow Yuuko really wanted was to feel Yuuko’s tits! Is that so wrong?!


Whoa! Show actually starts where it last left off. Shadow Yuuko appears before Kirie. Oh wait, Momoe bursts in and now Shadow Yuuko is gone again.

Well, that’s the end of that. Next day Yuuko is back to doing her regular clingy girlfriend schtick when Kirie butts in as usual.

Only this time she gets a slap in the face for interrupting.

Yuuko wants to have lunch with Teiichi and even made a Teiichi bento for him.

But then Momoe interrupts and also wants to eat with Teiichi.

Unknowingly getting revenge, Momoe knocks the food off of Yuuko’s hands.

Yuuko runs away crying.

She ends up falling into a pool. She dries her clothes in the club room. Then Teiichi comes in. Uncharacteristically, instead of teasing Teiichi with her naked body, Yuuko gets embarrassed and tries to shoo him.

Kirie comes in and talks about her earlier encounter with Shadow Yuuko. Yuuko doesn’t remember her much to Teiichi and Kirie’s shock.

To add more to the confusion, Yuuko brings out the old watchman’s journal and says she wants to investigate the school mysteries starting with the Rock of Curses.

While Yuuko bullies Momoe by writing her name on the rock, Kirie tells Teiichi that Yuuko might have disassociated her memories again.

The sun sets and everyone has to leave Yuuko. Yuuko tries to leave the school but is bound by some unknown force.

Black Rock Shooter Shadow Yuuko confronts Yuuko with the same old monologue. Shadow Yuuko grabs Yuuko by the breast and forces her to remember her horrible past.

Teiichi comes back after worrying about Yuuko. He takes her by the hand and brings her to a safe place.

Teiichi confronts Shadow Yuuko alone. Shadow Yuuko tells Teiichi that she is Yuuko as well and asks why he doesn’t love her as well.

Shadow Yuuko goes for Yuuko’s boobs one more time but Teiichi tries to stop her. Suddenly, images of Yuuko’s past flashes before Teiichi.

Teiichi comes to, but things seem different to him. His body is moving on his own. He looks down and suddenly, he has boobs! He looks up and faces a mirror. He sees Yuuko’s face as his own! Yeah, I prefer showing the boobs scene. Much more interesting.


Yep, same old Tasogare Otome x Amnesia stuff. I like this show and all but what happened in this episode happened a dozen times already in the course of the series. Kirie sees Shadow Yuuko, Yuuko torments Momoe while she can’t see Yuuko, Kirie infodumps whatever is necessary for plot progression, Shadow Yuuko monologues about embracing the hate. Blah blah blah. The only distinct part of this episode was the last 7 minutes or so with Shadow Yuuko taking on a new appearance (with blue flames on one eye. Sounds familiar) and Teiichi seeing a flashback from a first person perspective. What irritated me the most in this episode was the needless fanservice. I don’t think anyone gets turned on from seeing a ghost girl get groped in the breasts by an evil version of herself while flashbacks of a tormented past rush through her head. The show is in that stage of the game where they have to step up. I’m not going to sugar coat my reviews by praising their presentation or music because those don’t matter at this point. Oh well, next episode should be interesting, if they keep up with Teiichi seeing things from Yuuko’s perspective, we’re in for some awkward narration probably leading up to the big revelation of how Yuuko dies

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