Medaka Box 10 – Too Much Talking!

Somebody hit somebody already!


Unzen gets a call telling him his forces lost to Medaka.

Vice-chairman adds that Zenkichi bluffed about Medaka not saving her friends but saving the DisCom too.

He explains that the other council members are no push-overs. Kikaijima has two freaks-of-nature by her side. Akune’s the prince of judo and a former delinquent and Zenkichi is Medaka’s watchdog.

She also reports that none of the DisCom forces were seriously injured. Medaka really did save both her friends and foes.

Unzen snaps and crushes his not-iPhone.

Shadow Yuuko Unzen says it’s time to get serious.

In the council room, Medaka explains Unzen’s weapons which are super bouncy balls that ricochet of surfaces with destructive velocity.

Unzen barges in to challenge Medaka.

He drops his balls (Sorry, just had to say it!) and gives a speech on how Medaka is his mirror image. The only difference is that she’s a saint and he is an enforcer of justice.

Medaka looks at one of Unzen’s balls (Sorry again!) and notices liquid explosives in them.

With less than a second to react Unzen detonates his balls (I just can’t stop!)

The explosion was strong enough to cause a big chunk of the building to collapse.

Unzen was saved because of his reinforced Enforcer (Err..) suit.

He looks outside and sees Medaka managed to save her friends and still survive the explosion.

But now she’s pissed. Medaka enters rage mode while telling Unzen that she is no saint. She has the capability to feel anger and get violent.

Medaka lunges at Unzen and gut punches him.

The impact was strong enough to send Unzen flying through school buildings. Now Medaka stands before Unzen ready to beat the crap out of him.


I’ve got an even shorter summary: Unzen monologue. Medaka angry monologue. Punch. Cliffhanger. The end. Seeeeriiouuusly, I was so pumped to see this episode and witness Gainax doing what Gainax does best but again, disappointment. Okay, I’ll mention the good parts of this episode. First, the script. Unzen did his bad guy speech which was very familiar to Shadow Yuuko’s speech from TOxA but he was much more convincing. He sounded more sadistic and evil. Another good thing about this episode was the step up in animation. There was Unzen making crazy faces and then there was the last few minutes of the show with Medaka going berserk on Unzen. Still, I can say this enough: I am disappointed. This episode had probably less than 5 minutes of action. This would sound lame, but the filler episodes were much more interesting. As it stands the episode after Kikaijima’s recruitment is my favorite episode and that one had nothing to do with the plot. I get this feeling that Gainax is holding back until the last episode but what does that get them? A series with 7 filler episodes, 2 or 3 build up episodes and 1 good episode. They are really putting the pressure on themselves.

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