Sankarea 9 – Mero’s Modern Life

What happened to Chihiro being kidnapped?!


Mero remembers what her dad said about Chihiro and she too notices that he’s been working harder than he has ever worked before.

Next day in school, Mero and friends are talking about zombies.

The one with the boyish hair remembers seeing her art teacher eat raw, bloody meat.

Mero remembers seeing the art teacher’s bag move about suspiciously when she brings it with her.

The pigtailed girl noticed that Ms. art teacher has been looking worn out recently.

So the trio stay after school and wait for Ms. art teacher.

Just before they could discover anything a bust they were hiding behind falls, giving them away.

They end up getting a ride home with their teacher. Turns out, she’s been bringing a pet alligator to school, she fed it raw liver and tried it out of curiosity one time but it gave her a bad stomach and made her look worn out.

Next day, Pigtails recalls one time when she smelled a horrible stench.

She followed the stench and found a pile of bones.

But she was caught snooping around.

Turns out, it was just a couple of ramen chefs experimenting (and wasting lots of beef in the process) on a new recipe. So Pigtails gets a free bowl of ramen and goes home happy.

Mero tells her friends about the zombie freeloading in her house. Boyhair gets excited but Mero tells her Chihiro won’t let Rea near anybody.

Boyhair complains about Chihiro and slips out that their mother should straighten him up. She didn’t realize that Mero’s mother was already died.

The only memory Mero had of her mother was when she had a fever and her mother tried to feel for her temperature. She remembers how cold her mom’s hand was.

Mero stops by her mother’s grave and leaves an offering and a prayer.

Rea passes by and greets Mero.

She praises Mero for being a hardworking girl and her words cause Mero to blush.

Rea confuses Mero’s blushing for a fever and feels her forehead. This act causes Mero to remember her mom.

Mero runs away from Rea after realising her cold touch like her mother’s but falls.

Rea bandages Mero’s injured knee and suggests they cook dinner together.

Mero can’t help seeing her mother in Rea.


Again, Sankarea continues to be bad at continuations (Err, what?). Last episode, the show was going somewhere with Chihiro getting nabbed but for some reason they decide to go for a filler episode about Mero which shows Chihiro being perfectly fine?! Either this happened some random time before Chihiro got kidnapped or the whole ordeal of rescuing Chihiro was ignored and skipped. I have to admit though, if I didn’t know any better about this being a horribly placed filler episode, I’d say this was one of the best episodes. It kept me interested with Mero’s friends telling different and random stories. Mero’s character was explored through this episode with having her narrate and express herself when she normally wouldn’t in any other episode. This episode is a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, it came at an inconvenient time where the plot could have actually carried itself without the need of fillers keeping the show interesting. Sigh, hope they get back to the main story. If this is the typical 12/13 episode anime I can’t imagine the writers could make a satisfying conclusion given the time left.

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