Medaka Box 9 – Genre Shift!

Time for Gainax to do their thing!


Onigase is asked by the Disciplinary Committee vice-chairman to deliver towels to the music room.

It’s for the DisCom student chairman who’s on duty there.

Shiranui greets Medaka while she was making her way to the orchestra club music room.

Medaka says she’s got a handful of requests today and one involves soundproofing the music room.

The rest of the council is out doing other tasks.

They see Onigase on her way there too so they all go together.

In the music room, Unzen tells the club they’re being reprimanded for being too noisy.

The club president tries to sweet talk the thirteen year old with some candy.

Ends up getting his arm snapped by Unzen.

Medaka, Onigase and Shiranui arrive to see the music room completely wrecked.

The towels were for Unzen to wipe the blood off with.

Unzen comes face-to-face (face-to-boobs actually) with Medaka.

He attacks Medaka and tells her saints like her will always dispute with enforcers like him. They are natural enemies.

Unzen reveals that he sent out assassins to take out the other student council members.

Medaka quickly dashes out of the music room and clotheslines Kikaijima’s assailant.

Using her victim’s claws, Medaka makes her way to the building where Akune is.

Akune’s assassin’s weapon of choice is a…bicycle?

Medaka manages to stop Akune’s assassin and steals his bike.

But a massive blockade was formed to stop Medaka.

She braces herself and just dashes through it all.

Zenkichi’s assailant was about to make her move when Medaka breaks through the door with her bicycle.

Medaka stops Zenkichi’s assassin and gets ready for a fight.


Finally, after eight episodes, Medaka Box has reached it’s turning point! I must say…I’m kinda disappointed. First of all, Unzen’s monologue was way too long. While it was effective in making him out as the bad guy, it got boring past the third minute. As for the action of the show, it’s not what I expected. That’s in a bad way. See, there wasn’t actually much fighting. Rather, it was Medaka dashing through the snow, in a one horse open slay school and doing everything with over exaggerrated impact. Sure, it felt so Gainax, but it still lacked for me. The music during those sequences, though, was great and very fitting with the action. The show also took a step up in visuals and it even reminded me of Gurren Lagann sometimes. Next episode should be promising, though that’s what I said about this episode…Doesn’t matter. It’s not like this series is so bad that I want to drop it. It delivers enough to keep me and I still believe that Gainax will impress me like they always do.

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