Why Yes, She Does Have a Nice Rear View! Shining Hearts’ Hayane by Kotobukiya

Another figure from the Shining Hearts series. This time it’s the literally cool and undeniably leg-sexy Hayane!

So some background on my purchase on this one: Wasabi Toys, a local figure store is having an anniversary sale ongoing until July 1. I would have been a fool if I didn’t take advantage of their offered discounts. I paid a visit (actually came an hour before opening time), browsed for a bit, found this with a near 22% discount slapped on it and immediately made my way to the counter handed the money and walked out of the mall probably grinning like an idiot the whole time. Anyway…

Details-wise, I expected nothing less from Kotobukiya. They really brought out the beauty in Tony Taka’s style and they did a great job on the pose too, very expressive and dynamic. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-have for every collector but it’s not something anyone could regret buying.

Aside from the price tag, I was drawn in by her sexy, sexy legs, but of course I did take a look at all the other parts of the figure! I don’t let the devil in my pants do ALL the thinking! Anyway, parts, there’s her sword and while it may not be the most badass sword out there, it fits the figure.

Her base is pretty neat. It goes well with her whole ice theme.

Time for some subtle fanservice!

Do I have to say it again? Her legs are sexy!

To hell with being professional! ECCHI TIME!!!

Alright -ugh- back to being professional…Here’s a look at her hair. You can really sense her movement from the way it flows.

Her coat looks stiff though.

Okay, just a little more ecchi!

Final notes on this review: Her legs are sexy. Her sword can be removed and so can her right hand to make attaching/detaching the sword a little easier. Still, sliding it through her hand can be a heart pounding experience. You don’t want to apply too much pressure but the sword doesn’t exactly slide smoothly. Also, her legs are sexy. Another thing, Hayane herself is not initially attached to the base. She doesn’t exactly have a peg; rather, there’s a whole block on her left foot that should be inserted on a hole in the base. Problem is, the block doesn’t fit perfectly and I don’t want to force it in and risk breaking something. Finally, her legs are sexy. Well, that’s all for this -sexylegs- review. Hope this review -sexylegs- served it’s purpose. Until next time! SEXY. LEGS. DAMMIT.



Bonus photo of Hayane with my other Shining Hearts figure, Melty.

Oh! Did I mention her legs are s-*gets struck by divine lightning*

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