Pierce the Heavens with Your (My) Revoltech Gurren Lagann!

The anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is just my absolute favorite show. I liked it so much, when I first saw this articulated figure, one hand grabbed it on impulse, the other reached for my wallet and before I knew it, I was in front of the store counter, paying for the figure.

Gurren Lagann is the 2007 anime. That’s right the, not “an”. The show undeniably owned that year. When all the other animation studios were spewing out half-assed shows featuring generic moe girls and other pointless crap, Gainax dared to stray the path everyone else took. They decided to be ambitious and make an anime that no one has ever seen before, and that anime came to be the over-the-top and outright epic Gurren Lagann. Dragonabll looks like f*cking Dora the Explorer compared to Gurren Lagann.

Revoltech Gurren Lagann comes with six hands, two clenched fists, two for holding objects, one finger-pointing and one  hand opened wide. It also comes with two head pieces, a standard face and an angry face. It has two chest pieces, one with the iconic Kamina shades and one without. Finally, the last accessories are the oversized shades and of course, a drill. Can’t have Gurren Lagann without a drill!

First thing I noticed when I started swapping out the pieces is that the joints are made out of rubber, which is ingenious! See, figma and nendoroid joints are made out of standard plastic and there’s always the risk of breaking them when too much pressure is applied. With rubber joints, that risk gets thrown out the window since the rubber is much more flexible.

Here’s that flexibility I was talking about. I hope Max Factory and other manufacturers take a note and start using rubber joints.

And here’s the Gurren Lagann using its chest shades as a weapon.

And here’s the drill.

A cool little bonus that comes with this figure is this part below which you can attach to the drill and Ta da! It’s Simon’s core drill necklace! Now you’ve got a sweet fashion accessory to go with the awesome figure!

So some final notes for the review: It can be pretty scary posing the figure for the first time since it makes these ticking noises when you move the parts around. As it turns out, Revol in Revoltech is short for “revolver joint”. It’s actually a good thing though since it prevents the one posing the figure from being too reckless, and I just happen to be a very reckless and clumsy person. Just look at all my broken figma and gundpla parts…Anyway, enough about me and my flaws. Let’s look at the flaws of this figure! One would be the substandard paint job, especially on the face. Another would be the chest piece with the shades attached to it. That piece just gets in the way and could get accidentally snapped off, which is why I prefer the piece without the shades. Overall, it’s a pretty good figure with its flexibility being its strong point. I’m sure that mechs aren’t as appealing to collectors as figures of cute girls in exploitable poses and clothing but if there’s ever a mech figure to get, it’s this one. Well, that’s all for this review, hope you found what you were looking for when you checked this post and remember: Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!

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