Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 8 – Temporary Girlfriend

Teiichi you bastard…


Continuing where the last episode left off, Yuuko says she doesn’t know Teiichi. To make things worse for the guy, Yuuko says he should stay away so they both don’t get hurt.

Teiichi talks with Kirie. She says Yuuko probably has self-induced Amnesia.

Just like how she separated her negative feelings, she probably separated her memories of Teiichi when it turned painful for her.

Teiichi runs into Yuuko. He wants to say something but decides not to and walks away.

Teiichi is overcome with emotion and collapses on the floor.

Momoe sees Teiichi and helps him up.

They get along and their relationship grows as time passes. Teiichi also slowly forgets about Yuuko.

One rainy day, Kirie asks Teiichi to meet her in the place they first met. She tries to say something about Yuuko but can’t come out with it.

Suddenly, something seems to pull her back and she falls.

Next day, Momoe and Teiichi are having lunch together when Momoe leaves to buy drinks. Teiichi picks up her club journal and finds Yuuko’s name there.

Momoe returns and her friends appear too. They examine Teiichi and give away the fact that she like him. Momoe confesses saying she admires Teiichi because he works hard like he’s doing it all for someone. Those words get Teiichi to remember Yuuko and his feelings for her. He gets up, apologizes to Momoe and looks for Yuuko.

Teiichi looks for her in the club room. He shouts her name and Yuuko appears.

Teiichi grabs her hand and brings her to the rooftop while telling her about everything they did together.

Teiichi makes his big confession on the rooftop.

He moves toward Yuuko but trips.

He lands with his hands on her boobs and…suddenly she remembers everything. She hugs fondly Teiichi and tells him she loves him.

Momoe bursts in out of nowhere and figures out that Teiichi loves the school ghost Yuuko and she gladly admits defeat to her. Everything ends with everything gone back to normal.

After credits and Kirie runs into Shadow Yuuko in the club room. She finds out it was her who pulled her earlier.


So much good and yet so much bad in this one. As usual I’ll start with the good. First of all, the presentation continues to impress. It really is this show’s strong point. Second, Momoe is much less of a joke this time around. She comes out with her confession and not once did I think of her as the joke character of the show. For once, she felt important. Now on to the bad. The last eight minutes of this show was just disappointing. One, Yuuko regains her memories when Teiichi touches her boob. What? They really couldn’t think of a better way to end all this? Two, Momoe appears to do her usual joke character antics. The writers turned her into this sweet alternative love interest and then ruin her by the end of the show by reverting her back to joke character status. Finally, the very last scene with Kirie and Shadow Yuuko. This isn’t the first time this happened. This kind of scene happened at least twice already. These scenes fail to bring anything new to the story since the following episodes always seem to play out like they never happened. Doesn’t Kirie ever tell the others about these encounters? *Sigh* Well, now that this arc’s over, we can move on to the story, probably involving Shadow Yuuko this time since you know, she’s just there, not really doing anything other than stalk Kirie and say a few creepy lines.



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