Sankarea 8 – Zombie Documentary

Ooh, I see what they did there!


So Chihiro continues to film Rea’s every action for the sake of documentation.

He’s also writing his observations in a journal. So far, he’s learned that zombies don’t need to sleep, sweat or use the toilet.

He’s also watching Bob and notices he coughs out hydrangea “hair balls”.

He’s hoping he gets to see Rea do the same and capture it on film. Rea reminds him of their little agreement.

For filming Rea, Chihiro is responsible for Rea getting to live a normal girl’s life. This includes buying clothes for her.

While Chihiro waits outside the shop, he looks at the sun and remembers that keeping Rea outside will hasten the decaying process.

Scene changes to Ranko in a bath house. Obligatory fanservice.

She remembers what happened the other day with Chihiro saying he has to take care of Rea.

Just as Ranko was about to get dressed and leave, Mero and her friends walk in by coincidence.

Ranko asks Mero what Chihiro’s doing. She says Chihiro’s out shopping with Rea.

Not wanting to lose to Rea in terms of having fun, she gets naked again and joins Mero and friends in the bath. Pretty sure spending too much time in hot water can ruin your skin…

Back to ChihiRea, Rea finishes shopping for clothes and the two make for the food court. She notices Chihiro bought something and asks but he doesn’t reveal it.

Some guys are spying on Rea for pedo-dad. They mention a plan but at this point, the plan is kept a secret. You could probably guess what’s going to happen though.

Chihiro reveals what he bought: a trench coat which they could stuff with ice to keep Rea cool and prevent her from decaying.

Rea wants to cry because of Chihiro’s thoughtfulness but can’t. Zombies can’t produce tears.

Scene cut to pedo-dad doing one of his daughter obsession monologues.

Chihiro steps out for a while to get some food. Pedo-dad’s spies make a move towards Rea.

A grave voice calls out for Rea and an ominous figure stands tall behind her. It’s….pervert-friend.

Pervert-friend inadvertently prevents the spies from approaching Rea by taking her outside.

The spies wait for the right moment before they nab Rea. One guy knocks out pervert-friend while the other two gag and carry her away.

Naturally Rea struggles to break free, but since she’s a zombie with unrestrained strength she manages to lose their hold on her. She fights them off by swinging around a park bench.

Chihiro arrives and Rea breaks down crying on his chest. He’s just unnerved by Rea’s freakish strength.

Suddenly, one of the spies grab Chihiro and make for their get-away car. He reports to pedo-dad that plan B (get Chihiro) was successful. And now I assume pedo-dad will horribly violate Chihiro.


Certainly more interesting than last week’s episode. I can’t say this enough, this show is all about dialogue and the most impactful line this week is Rea regretting her inability to cry. Maybe I’m over-analyzing but that can mean a lot. In any typical drama there would be a lot of crying but Sankarea is no typical drama. Crying is a human act and I guess Rea feels a bit inhuman because she can’t shed a tear. Yup, totally over-analyzing. There was a bit more going on than the usual Sankarea episode with those guys trying to kidnap Rea. I’ll admit I both sighed and chuckled when pervert-friend appeared. Ranko’s part…was out of place but I see the writers keeping her relevant this way. Her scene also happens to be the only scene that ties this episode with yesterday’s. I kinda noticed that this show is terrible with continuation. Each episode seems like it’s set a week after the previous.

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