Medaka Box 8 – Indecent Attire

It kinda looks like someone photoshopped an ass where her breasts should be.


The school Disciplinary Committee member Onigase is holding uniform inspections outside the campus. One (familiar) delinquent points out that even the student council members are inappropriately dressed.

Indeed, Akune with his bare chest, Medaka with her bare chest, Zenkichi with that stupid track jersey inside his blazer and Kikaijima with…what?

Lookin’ kinda bug-eyed there, Eh Akune? Onigase storms into the student council office and complains about their attire. She proceeds to point out what’s wrong with each of their uniforms.

Aaaaaaaaand Kikaijima wore her swimsuit under her uniform, which counts as inappropriate attire apparently.

Medaka is the worst offender of all with her exposed cleavage. She defends herself stating that it isn’t that her cleavage is exposed, it’s just that the rest of her body is covered up. She stubbornly refuses to dress normally.

Onigase leaves infuriated. Zenkihi catches up to her and tries to convince her that Medaka isn’t such a bad person since she’s been helping a lot of people with her suggestion box idea. The mention of the suggestion box only gives Onigase an idea on how to change Medaka.

She brings Medaka to the old pool. She says that someone lost something in the pool. Her plan is to switch Medaka’s uniform with a regular one while she’s out searching for the lost object while wearing a swimsuit.

Unfortunately her plan backfires when Medaka jumps into the pool with her uniform still on.

Onigase asks her why she did that and Medaka responds saying at the end of the day, they’re just clothes. These words strike Onigase and when Medaka asks what she should be looking for, Onigase jumps in and says her conscience.

Oh wait, Onigase all drenched and she doesn’t have a spare uniform. What now?

She borrows Medaka’s uniform, I guess…

Second half, Onigase stops Shiranui, who identifies her as “that exhibitionist from the other day”, for eating in the hallway.

Shiranui pushes Zenkichi towards Onigase and makes a run for it.

When Onigase gets back up, she realizes she was somehow handcuffed with Zenkichi.

So now the two march their way to the Disciplinary Committee office to get the key, meanwhile getting everyone’s attention.

Unfortunately, they run into Medaka, the person they least want to meet right now.

Zenkichi remembers that Medaka can pick locks and asks her to do it. She cuffs herself to Zenkichi to demonstrate but then fails to get the cuffs off. She then compliments the quality of the handcuffs.

So now Onigase, Zenkichi and Medaka have to make their way to the DisCom office. Along the way, Medaka gets them to stop to do student council work.

The trio run into a couple of delinquents looking to get back at Onigase. Onigase tells the two to stand back so she can reprimand the two.

Medaka tells her that there’s no need to reprimand them, she kicks one guy’s metal bat (while Zenkichi kicks the other guy’s wooden bat) and says they didn’t do any harm.

Onigase realizs that Medaka just shattered steel.

She asks Medaka why she djust didn’t do the same with the handcuffs and she said because she didn’t think Onigase would have allowed her to.

After credits, we get a short scene with Unzen saying Medaka’s charity and his justice cannot co-exist.


I’m sorry. Last week, I said that things were gonna get good and that Medaka Box was finally going to move towards an actual plot. Well, I’m wrong. This is sort of a transition to the actual plot but not exactly part of it itself. That doesn’t mean that this was a bad episode though. This episode was by-the-book short and sweet. Again the episode was split into two but this time both stories were somewhat related to each other. The comedy was kind of predictable but still worth a small chuckle and I have to say, Onigase is a cute little brat. Maybe it’s the glasses or maybe it’s just me being shallow again. I think I have a thing for angry girls….I’m such a masochist….Anyway, what I didn’t like about this episode was the ending for both stories which had Onigase simply at awe with Medaka after a few (barely) inspiring words. The writers aren’t even trying to make Medaka’s speeches convincing… Oh yeah, this time, I can guarantee that next episode will be good. Don’t prove me wrong Gainax!

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