Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 7 – Literally Black People

In other news, I just discovered that there is artwork that appears after the credits during the next episode preview sequence.


Teiichi and Yuuko play Ghostbusters to “solve” Momoe’s school ghost mysteries.

Momoe tries to make a move by asking Teiichi for private ghostbusting lessons.

Yuuko is not amused and kicks a chair to throw off Momoe.

In some other place and time, Kirie examines the photo of her grandmother with Yuuko while thinking about her encounter with the ghost that looks like Yuuko.

And in some other other place and time, Yuuko is with Teiichi, half helping him with school work and half flirting with him.

The lunch bell rings, Yuuko and Teiichi are about to eat when Momoe appears and asks Teiichi to eat with her. Teiichi sees it rude to refuse but Yuuko’s presence keeps him uneasy.

Yuuko eats up Teiichi’s lunch without him having any.

Momoe looks at Teiichi’s empty bento and offers some of her food. Why is it always Tamago?!

Yuuko snaps and slaps Momoe’s hand, causing her to drop the food.

Teiichi looks at Yuuko concerned. Even Yuuko is shocked by her actions and apologizes.

After classes, Kirie and Teiichi walk together while discussing Yuuko’s recently odd behavior.

She brings up Kirishima Yuuko and how she projected her hatred to Yuuko. She thinks it’s possible Yuuko did the same which is how Shadow Yuuko came to be. She suspects Shadow Yuuko is a manifestation of all of Yuuko’s negative emotion which she separated from herself. This separation could be the reason why Yuuko has no memories….Aaaaand since I’m a biased pervert, I’m gonna use this screencap of Kirishima Yuuko naked!

…Gotta say, the image above looks like Mugi murdering Mio while both K-On girls are naked…Anyway, suddenly both Yuukos appear. Shadow Yuuko confronts her alter ego and asks mockingly if she remembers. Yuuko just runs away and Teiichi goes after her. Shadow Yuuko disappears and Kirie is left by herself.

Teiichi stops Yuuko in front of the Rock of Curses they discovered before. Teiichi examines the rock and discovers that it’s actually a memorial for students who died in a plague sixty years ago.

He makes an even bigger revelation. Yuuko’s name is written along with the other students who died from the plague.

Teiichi recounts the Hide the Demon game and the legend of the Red Woman. All the mysteries of this school involve Yuuko. He tries to relate them with one another and the plague and comes up with a theory that Yuuko was sacrificed during the plague which is why her corpse is located in an underground shrine.

Suddenly, Shadow Yuuko appears before them and pretty much tells Yuuko to embrace the hate (Wrestling reference, sorry about that.) but Shadow Yuuko disappears when Kirie arrives on scene.

At night, Yuuko is all alone in the school but she feels Shadow Yuuko lingering around her.

Next day, she tries to act normally but can’t keep her emotions completely hidden.

Teiichi tries to comfort Yuuko but, eventually, her hatred envelops her and she pushes Teiichi down a flight of stairs.

After credits scene. Teiichi looks for Yuuko and finds her in the club room. He tries to talk to he but Yuuko talks like this is the first time they meet.


Yeah, you could just feel the story reaching its high point with this episode. A lot of important things are revealed and there’s absolutely no fanservice this time around (Aside from that one screenshot of Kirishima I showed earlier and the post-credits art that shows during the preview). Now this is what TOxA (abbreviation of this show’s title) had and what Sankarea lacked: drama. You could just feel the drama coming from every aspect of the show. The characters’ reactions, the scene’s atmosphere and presentation, and the music all come together to make some effective storytelling. An easier to understand comparison, Sankarea is like your grandpa reading you a bedtime story while Tasogare Otome x Amnesia is a Shakespearean stage play. The one thing I should criticize about the episode, actually this has been happening since episode 1, is that background characters really are just faceless black silhouettes. Can’t say I agree with the animators’ dicision to do that. It just makes them look lazy. Also, I know this is never going to happen at this point in the show, but I want an episode dedicated to exploring Momoe’s crush on Teiichi and her inner frustration on how she can’t get Teiichi to notice her the way she wants to. I want her crying in Teiichi’s arms, criticizing herself for always looking like a clutz in front of him, how she works so hard looking for these school mysteries just so she can be with him but it never comes to nothing. I want Teiichi to wrap his arms around Momoe in an attempt to comfort her but she pushes him back and stands on the edge of the school building and – ah, to hell with it. This’ll just be another fan fiction I’m gonna end up procrastinating on…

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