Sankarea Episode 7 – Incestral Dreams…

Ranko has them.


Ranko has Chihiro working at her family’s inn. Somehow it gets her to reminisce about the time the two first met. Ranko was lost in a graveyard, already broken down crying.

Chihiro – BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Aww look at little Chihiro! Look at that chubby face and that silly hair of his! HAHAHAHAHA!!!…Anyway, Chihiro sees Ranko and helps her find her way.

Ranko’s mom, who is the sister-in-law of Chihiros dad, introduces Ranko to the Furuya family. The two kids run along in play.

Or at least they were supposed to. Ranko follow Chihiro but he just wants to watch scary zombie movies.

Ranko turns off the TV and forces Chihiro to walk with her.

They stop by a park, two boys recognize Chihiro and bully him. They make fun of him for playing with a girl and Chihiro runs away crying.

It’s time for Ranko to go home and she’s disappointed to find out that the boy who saved her from getting lost is actually a total wimp.

Back to the present, Chihiro and Ranko run into Pervert-friend and Shota-friend while making a delivery. Pervert-friend is jealous of Chihiro for having Ranko and Rea with him. He gets into a verbal fight with Chihiro while Ranko reminisces even more.

She and Chihiro get to meet again after two years since her family moved in to the same town. Chihiro is still a zombie obsessed loser.

Ranko’s mom suggest that they go to a video store and rent a cartoon but Chihiro only ends up getting another zombie flick.

Ranko complains that she wanted to watch a cartoon and Chihiro was being inconsiderate.

She nabs Chihiro’s video and runs back to the store to replace it.

But she encounters a mean looking stray dog.

Chihiro shoos the dog by swinging a pipe.

And the two babies start crying.

Somehow that gets Chihiro and Ranko to make-up and befriend each other in a holding hands level.

The two watch a zombie flick. As a kissing scene plays, Ranko wonders what a kiss is like. Chihiro just wants to kiss a zombie and Ranko scolds him for not being serious about kissing.

Back to the present, Pervert-friend finally leaves and Ranko offers her hand to Chihiro.

They make their final delivery and Chihiro heads home.

Ranko stops him, pins him to a wall and moves closer to kiss him.

She stops and scolds Chihiro for not being serious about kissing.

She runs away from Chihiro, frustrated by the thought of Rea taking him away from her. She stops at a park and screams her problems to the world.


Now THIS is a story episode. In this episode, we delve into the relationship between Ranko and Chihiro through a flashback. Absolutely no fanservice here! In fact, it was so devoid of fanservice, it was boring. Maybe it’s just me coming out of a good, comedic Medaka Box episode, but I craved for something stupid to happen while watching. I wanted the senile grandpa! I wanted Rea getting into awkward zombie situations! I wanted Babu doing random Babu things! But no, this was all storytelling. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining as much since a story is what you’d want from a, well, story, but it was just so damn dragging. Also, it wasn’t just boring, it was terribly written too. Ranko gets attacked by a dog; Chihiro swings a pipe and the dog pussies out; the two start crying and then a few minutes later they’re both happy and holding hands? Shame too, This whole “How Ranko Ended Up Liking Chihiro” thing had a good build up but just fell flat with a crap ending that explains nothing. Wait, didn’t last episode end with Chihiro getting hurt after Rea saves him from a speeding car? What happened to that?! I guess the writers wanted to dedicate a whole episode for exploring Ranko’s character, but this just felt so sudden. There was never any previous allusion to their childhood so it felt like it was fabricated on the spot. I don’t hate this show, but this was just a bad episode. Ah well, next episode has Ranko in a bathtub so whatever…

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