Medaka Box Episode 7 – More Swimsuits, More Fillers!

On a related note, Kikaijima is the queen of social awkwardness.


Show starts with Zenkichi walking into the newly appointed Treasurer Kikaijima getting (un)dressed in the student council office.

Kikaijima demands Zenkichi to pay up for sexual harassment.

Zenkichi argues that it’s her fault for not locking the door but eventually gives in and pays her.

The two go back to work (well, Kikaijima does, Zenkichi’s reading Shounen Jump) and both feel awkard towards each other.

Kikaijima tries to start a conversation but ends up looking awkward.

As if to save them from more awkward silence, Shiranui appears.

She remembers Kikaijima and shows her the pictures she took during the inter club competition. She took hundreds of photos aside from this big one.

Zenkichi tells Shiranui to stop teasing Kikaijima and he’ll treat her to lunch. She agress to that and leaves the two.

Kikaijima picks up a photo and asks if Medaka is like this to everyone. Zenkichi explains that Medaka sees everyone as a family member (but it’s not like you kiss family members on the lips just like that…)

Kikaijima remembers the moment Medaka asked her to join the student council. She said she fell in love with her and wants to be her friend.

Kikaijima, who wants to make friends, thinks she should follow the president’s example and so she tells Zenkichi she fell in love with him and tries to kiss him. And then Akune and Medaka arrive…

Second half of the episode, some art student is requesting Medaka to model for him.

He’s joining an art competition and his theme is “Goddess of the Beach”.

Unfortunately, Medaka seems to be too perfect for him to use as a model.

So Zenkichi gets Isahaya from the track team (formerly known as Ms. Minor Character B) while Akune gets Nabeshima. Unfortunately, neither meet up with Artist-san’s standards and join Medaka in hanging their heads low in shame.

Artist-san takes a look at Kikaijima, think’s she’d be a good model and bribes her. Kikaijima with her love for money accepts and reveals her swimsuit to which Artist-san rejects since she’d be more fitting as a Goddess of the Pool, not Goddess of the Beach.

So now Zenkichi and Akune try modeling.

Suddenly, Artist-san is overwhelmed with a force telling him to draw!

But then he realizes he’s looking for a Goddess and drawing these guys would have no point.

Just then, Shiranui appears looking for Zenkichi.

Artist-san examines Shiranui…That child like face…That curveless body…Those underdeveloped legs! Yes! Yes! She’s the model he wants!

And all the other girls feel defeated…

As a show of gratitude though, Artist-san does this painting for the student council.


Quite an enjoyable episode despite not much going on. The first part really made me laugh. It was like something out of a sitcom! Kikaijima’s awkwardness! I-it’s..just…too…MOE!!! But seriously, the first part was all quality gags until Zenkichi started preaching about Medaka’s benevolence. That’s the boring part. Fortunately, it picked up at the end with Kikaijima trying to befriend Zenkichi in her awkward approach. Man, how many times have I put the word “awkward” in this one post? Anyway, second half was not as funny, but still a good watch. It’s good for some screencapping what with all the swimsuits and manservice provided by ZenKune (my yaoi fanshipping name for Zenkichi x Akune) Good to see Nabeshima and Isahaya again, though I doubt we’ll ever see Isahaya again since she’s just a minor character only there for background appearances and occasional minor speaking lines. Why won’t we see her again? Because judging by the preview, it’s gonna be Enforcer arc time! Finally, plot!

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