Witches and Ice Cream! Shining Hearts’ Melty (and Sorbet) by Kotobukiya

One of my vacation hauls from Singapore is this lovely Melty PVC figure.

Below you can see her with her box. The great Tony Taka did her illustration for this figure as well as the art for her series of origin: Shining Hearts. Shining Hearts is an RPG that never got localized so I don’t know much about it. It does have an anime currently airing this season but I choose to watch it when it finishes completely. Its story seems to be iffy judging by other blog reviews. Anyway, back to the photos.

Her pose is simple, but that doesn’t stop her from looking beautiful.

According to the omniscient Wikipedia, Melty is a tsundere witch with ice cream themed powers. That thing popping out of her hat is Sorbet, her familiar.

She wears such a bright and cheerful expression. It’s hard for me not to go “HNNNNNNNNNNNG!” at the sight of her smile.

Her pose is quite simple, but she’s amazingly well detailed.

Her frilly frills sure are frilly.

I’d say she’s a Grade B+ Zettai Ryouiki. What’s that? More Otaku speak. Consult TV Tropes for info. Umm, just to make things faster and so links are easier to identify, I’m going to drop the blue font starting with this post.

Just a couple more details. Here’s her hat and the bow on it. Also the dangling heart thing. I have no idea what that is.

On to her back side. Speaking of backside, I used the backside of a Super Junior poster for the backdrop.

Her hair goes pretty deep in to her hat but don’t be fooled. Her hat is not removable. None of her parts are. So don’t go and try to yank any of her parts out or you’ll break her.

My only complaints are that her base is very simple for such a detailed figure and when viewed from the side, she looks like she’s leaning.

Other than that, she’s a great figure and I’m proud to have her in my collection. To finish off, here’s the rest of the photos I took. WARNING!! PANTSU UP AHEAD!

So, you have already been warned of impending pantsu and yet you insist on continuing. No doubt…YOU ARE A PERVERT! But! I, the writer, enjoy the company of people like you. It is not even too farfetched to say that I am one of you. I admire your boldness. Not many men walk the path you walk. As such, I shall reward you with what you desire. Here is your pantsu!


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