Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 6 – I Prefer This Yuuko.

If only she wasn’t a minor character…


Second day of the school festival and the group’s first visitor is…Is that Kotobuki Tsumugi?! Nope. Voice is different.

Just before entering the booth, the girl says she wants to meet Yuuko. Teiichi wonders if she could see Yuuko but Kirie reminds him that Yuuko is also a school legend which could be why she brought it up.

Speaking of legends, Momoe has a new story she wants to tell. Recently there have been rumors about a mysterious Red Woman lurking around after school. Ancient stories also happen to tell of a Red Woman that sacrifices the blood of humans for the gods.

The girl returns looking relaxed for someone who just went through a horror booth. Yuuko appears and confirms that she sensed no fear in her.

A group of girls meet up with the girl. They tell her that there’s been another sighting of the Red Woman. They’re scared there might someone will die. The girl calmly tells the others not to worry and that she will protect them. The group of girls thank her and call her by her first name, Yuuko.

Meanwhile, Teiichi and Yuuko are enjoying the festival when they spot a group of kids gathered and all looking at the same thing.

Teiichi and Yuuko check it out and they see the rumored Red Woman standing on top of the other side of the building. Suddenly, they hear a loud scream that came from the rooftop.

They rush to the rooftop and find the girl from earlier collapsed on the floor with a bloodied hand.

People start panicking and believe the Red Woman is after Yuuko the ghost. A mob runs to the Paranormal Investigations Club booth which claimed to feature Yuuko. They grab Teiichi and surround him.

Suddenly, windows start shattering and everybody runs scared.

It was Yuuko who shattered the windows to save Teiichi.

Blonde-ish Yuuko appears and says she’s disappointed her plan didn’t go through.

She reveals her name to Teiichi and tells him that she was bullied because of her name. People distanced themselves from her because they thought she had a link to the school ghost. She gre to hate ghosts, ghost stories and people who believe in them. She calls those people idiots. Now she’s out to kill that ghost Yuuko for all the crap she had to go through because of her.

Buuuuut her backfires and people capture her thinking that the Red Woman might settle for a different Yuuko.

They cut her open. Yuuko tries to explain that the whole thing was made up. They don’t listen. She starts calling them idiots for believing in ghost stories but they all just smile and laugh psychotically at the thought of finally being saved by the Red Woman.

Just then, the school bell sounds should mean that classes are over. The legend goes that the Red Woman appears after school. The Red Woman does appear and angrilly shouts that this Yuuko is not the right one.

The Red Woman then says that these other people will pay with their own blood. Obviously not wanting to pay with their blood, everybody screams and makes a run for it.

A group of girls manage to escape and realize that classes are still going on. They look back and the Red Woman is not there.

Teiichi comes and unties Yuuko. He tries one last time to convince her that the ghost Yuuko isn’t as bad as she thinks.

She just passes it off and walks a way. Yuuko the ghost passesĀ  by and, as if she could see her, blonde-ish Yuuko says “sorry” as their paths cross.

After the credits role, there’s a scene with Momoe and Kirie in the bell tower. Kirie was the one who rang the bell and Momoe flees before any teachers arrive. Kirie turns around and discovers the shadowy ghost facing her.


Now this is the kind of episode I expect from the series. This one had a lot of mystery and suspense elements in it. The way things were presented just gave a creepy (not scary, mind you) vibe to the show. They used really effective methods to interpret the fear those kids had as they believed they were hunted down by the Red Woman. Speaking of the Red Woman, she has a really fitting theme. It’s a shame she’s a one time character. What’s more, there was just about zero fanservice in this one. Sure there was one shot of Yuuko the ghost’s cleavage and that one scene where blonde-ish Yuuko’s top gets cut but those only lasted for a second and were very tame compared to other kinds of fanservice. I highly doubt anyone can jack off to a flash of still covered up boob. On to the negatives…blonde-ish Yuuko just had zero build up. You’d think we would see her snooping around the old school building or stalking Teiichi like Kirie did before. It becomes even worse when you pair that with the fact that she’s also a one time character, which is a shame. I like long-haired, crazy girls…Wait. Didn’t I say that I liked the short-haired and rational Kirie? Eh whatever. I’m a shallow man.

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