Sankarea Episode 6 – Needs More Babu.

Seriously. He’s like the best part of the show.


Last episode, Rea kissed Chihiro after attacking Ranko. She finally lets go and Ranko yells at Chihiro to explain what just happened. She figures Rea turned into a zombie then accuses Chihiro of murdering Rea for his experiment.

While Ranko and Chihiro are fighting, Rea notices Babu outside the window. She crawls out and follows him.

Chihiro catches Rea escaping and follows her. He also tells Ranko to get his grandpa.

Chihiro catches up to Rea and finds her and Babu eating Hydrangea leaves.

Rea returns to normal after eating and realizes she’s outside in a towel…which falls.

Ranko appears with Chihiro’s grandpa.

For a while, gramps gets serious and explains how the medicine is not perfect. Rea needs to continuously eat Hydrangea to stay normal but that won’t stop her from decaying.

Before he can say anything else, Ranko hits him with a flower-pot and he goes back to being senile.

Chihiro’s dad arrives on scene and finds Rea. After some explanation and pleading from Chihiro, dad ends up letting Rea stay with them. Ranko doesn’t seem to like the idea of them stogether.

Chihiro decides to start an observation journal to record info that wasn’t on his grandpa’s old book.

Rea invites him to his room and Chihiro refuses saying that kiss earlier was already too much. Rea doesn’t recall any kiss and freaks out. Apparently, she remembers nothing from her crazy mode.

Chihiro also starts recording Rea for observation purposes but really this is just to fill someone’s voyeurism fetish isn’t it?

Ranko visits again to give some clothes for Rea. Chihiro thanks her and tries to explain that there’s nothing weird going on but that fails to convince Ranko.

Chihiro and Rea go for a walk later that night.

Pedo-dad’s butler spots them.

The two stop at a park. Rea expresses her gratitude to Chihiro for freeing her. Chihiro promises to take care of her.

The two cross a street and a car almost hits Chihiro. Rea pushes him away but her unrestrained strength ends up hurting him.  Rea licks Chihiro’s wound to sterilize it. Chihiro looks on as the episode ends.


Sankarea really is more of a talking anime. Really not much action in this one. I’m not talking about explosions, fighting, pew pew pew kind of action but character movement and body language. It’s not a bad thing to focus on dialogue though. It’s just not everyone’s cup of tea. So this episode was a pretty standard one. It started off strong coming off a cliffhanger from last episode but it slowed down as it went on. This episode was mostly Chihiro’s internal monologue/narration with a little explanation of zombie juice courtesy of grandpa and some exploration of Ranko’s feelings.Well next episode seems to be about Ranko and it will be a change of setting too. By the way, is that Mero doing the previews?

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