Medaka Box Episode 6 – Hot Lesbian Pool Action!

I’m not so creative with titles…


The Inter-club Aquatic Meet continues with the next event being a three-legged race in the pool.

Medaka and Nabeshima sit this one out and talk about the freaks at the Swim Team. The guy with the chin hair is Nabeshima’s classmate and he’s a prodigy like Medaka and Akune. Like it matters. I doubt he’s gonna have any important role after this arc.

Kikaijima interrupts their conversation and says that the club’s goal is to swim in a pool of money Scrooge McDuck style.

Zenkichi and Akune represent the student council and they agree to work together towards a common goal.

So much for that. The whistle blows end up trying to outrun each other.

Meanwhile the Swim Club take a leisurely walk at last place.

Shiranui reveals that Shark Boy is the fastest swimmer around and Chin Hair can only keep up for 25 meters so they walk until there’s only 25 meters left then they start a two-man Butterfly Stroke…Is that even possible?

They finish at first place in style.

They also finish first in the third round which involves eel catching.

Medaka’s natural ability to repel animals works against her team.

Medaka confronts the Swim Team and declares that she will rehabilitate them like how she rehabilitated the Kendo Team.

The next and final game is a steal-the-other-teams’-bandana-while-riding-on-a-human-horse kind of game.

The point system works in a way where the bandana of a team is worth more points the higher they are in the ranking.

Medaka does some trash talking, calling the Swim Team a bunch of money grubbers.

Kikaijima goes berserk and goes after Medaka.

Kikaijima reveals that she lived a hard life due to poverty. Money meant more to people than the quality of life.

Kikaijima manages to push Medaka off her horse.

But Medaka pulls a Jesus (actually, she’s standing on a floater Zenkichi threw at her) and goes back on the offensive.

Medaka tackles Kikaijima and while taking her bandana she preaches about how money can be lost and replaced but life cannot.

And she doesn’t want to lose Kikaijima.

Just to add more effect, Medaka kisses her as they both fall and get disqualified.

The game ends and both teams regroup. Shark Boy says he’s not going no matter what Medaka does. He’s gonna swim in money one day. Medaka doesn’t try to argue. She says she likes the idea of swimming in cash; it’s just that it would be pointless if Shark Boy dies. He should live for money, not die for it.

Kikaijima recovers and asks Chin Hair and Shark Boy what they like more, money or her. Both hold back for a second before pointing at Kikaijima and answering they like her more.

Oh yeah, Nabeshima’s team wins the final round and the whole competition.

Much to everyone’s surprise.

While the Swim Team and the Student Council were going at it, Nabeshima’s been running through the other teams and snatching their bandanas.

So that day ends. A new day begins. Medaka reveals that she got into some trouble for using her own money for the competition, so to help her with financial affairs, she elects Kikaijima as the Treasurer. The End.


I actually enjoyed this episode, mainly because I think this is the first time Kikaijima speaks and my god, her voice makes me melt! There was a lot more action this time around too. The whole pace was much faster and there was barely any dull dialogue. Also, they spent less time on the announcers’ side which answers my criticism from last episode. Gainax also did a little teasing by adding battle aura to the final Swim Team versus Student Council scene. It just made me wish we got to the fighting part already. I think I may have grown used to Medaka’s personality too. That or Gainax put her self-righteousness down a level. Either way, it’s an improvement. Now on to the bad…Let’s see…Wow, I don’t have much to criticize other than Kikaijima’s crappy childhood story. That just had no transition to it and it was just outright bad. So finally the Student Council quartet is complete. The story can only get livelier from here.

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