Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 5 – My Little Kirie Can’t Be This Cute!

Ya know, I’ve never actually watched OreImo.


It’s the school fair and the Paranormal Investigations Club sets up a horror booth.

Yuuko flirts with Teiichi as usual much to Kirie’s annoyance.

Momoe invites Kirie to look for props to use for their booth and Kirie takes it as an opportunity to get away from Yuuko.

Kirie stops and takes a moment to contemplate on her frustrations. When she comes to her senses, she realizes that she and Momoe are lost in the old school building.

The two stumble upon a science prep room and Kirie figures they can find some props there.

Momoe tries to stop Kirie warning her of the haunted heartless anatomy model she read about.

Kirie goes anyway.

The two look around when the anatomy model appears behind Momoe who screams in fright.

Kirie grabs Momoe and holds her firmly to calm her down.

And Momoe is impressed by Kirie’s cool headedness.

Then a rat rushes through Kirie’s legs, she falls and while Momoe shoos the rat, Kirie breaks down crying. So much for being cool-headed huh? Oh look! writer-san stitched this images so you can see Kirie’s pantsu!

Momoe, Kirie and the anatomy model find their way out of the old school building and enjoy the fair.

Momoe runs into a couple of friends looking for help. They take a good look at Kirie and…

One thing leads to another and they strip Kirie. Look! writer-san made another stitched image just for you!

They put a wig and maid dress on Kirie and cat ears for good measure.

They drag Kirie out to the maid cafe and all eyes are on her.

Kirie’s flustered, shy, moe-ness becomes a hit with the all the students.

The day ends and Kirie gets ready to undress when she takes a look in the mirror and realizes she looks like Yuuko.

Kirie gets frustrated with this realization and runs away. She collapses in front of the club room and enters the horror booth.

Inside, she hears Yuuko’s voice mocking her insecurities and how she’s inferior to her.

She runs out and bumps into Teiichi.

Kirie asks Teiichi why he likes Yuuko even if she’s ghost. Teiichi says that it didn’t matter if it’s a ghost you’re in love with as long as you really are in love and his answer lightens Kirie’s mood. Kirie leans closer to tease Teiichi for liking a ghost. Somehow Kirie feels better about herself and drops her angst.

Kirie remembers that people see what they fear when Yuuko’s around which means she just saw her insecurities. She comes to accept herself and things go back to normal.


Yay Kirie episode! Maybe its just me and my bias for the “other” girl in the harem (like Futaba Aoi from Asobi Ni Iku Yo!) but I really liked this episode. I have to admit I gave in to the moe. I have a weakness for girls who are shy and easily flustered.  Kirie’s character was really fleshed out this episode and it’s nice to see someone else get focus since the past four episodes has been nothing but Yuuko, Yuuko, Yuuko, and, Yuuko. Even Momoe was a little more respectable this time. She was less of a joke and more of a useful aid in making Kirie look important.  Also, finally, fanservice outside of Yuuko! Cheers! So this was a pretty good episode despite being the obligatory school fair episode but it did have it’s flaws. There were quite a few production errors here and there and they were really bad. Also the ending was kind of dissapointing with Kirie suddenly accepting herself after laughing at Teiichi’ stupid answer.

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