Sankarea 5 – Hot Lesbian Zombie Action!

I’m attracting all the wrong kinds of viewers with these weird titles…


Rea has Rigor Mortis. Chihiro puts Rea on his bed in the mean time.

He spends the night in the temple while thinking about Rea’s condition.

Next day, Chihiro puts a Keep Out sign in front of his room.

He hides Rea in his closet.

On the other side of town, Ranko just finished a delivery for the Sanka household when her underclassman pops up from the bushes.

Underclassman-chan was checking on Rea who hasn’t come to school in a long time.

It’s a holiday! That means no school! fun! and spending the whole day cleaning the house!

Ranko pays a visit to the Furuya family.

She talks to Chihiro about Rea who she learned has run away from home. She fantasizes that she’s eloping with her forbidden love. Just why are they wearing the same set of clothes?!

Before leaving, Ranko stops by Chihiro’s room to pick up a DVD when…

She finds a mysterious strand of hair!

She gets an ominous vibe coming from the closet aaand…Oh good just a used bed in a closet. Nothing weird there.

Aww crap…

Rea lunges at Ranko and pins her to the floor. Ranko screams and Chihiro dashes to the rescue only to find Rea tearing Ranko’s clothes off.

Rea goes for Chihiro and kisses her?!


Well this was a step up from last episode. A little more story telling and a lot less fanservice. Really the only fanservice here was close-ups on Ranko’s bare legs and Ranko getting her top torn off and that was still pretty safe for a pseudo-rape scene.  Chihiro’s sister Mero and underclassman-chan get more lines this time while Rea was completely silent and pedo-dad didn’t even have screen time. That was kind of a refreshing change. Only downside was the animation. It was never Sankarea’s strong point but it was especially noticeable this time what with the random cut-ins of Bob doing random things. Well I’m gonna keep my post short since I’m still on vacation. I’m now at Singapore and I’m going to raid the hobby shops!

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