Medaka Box Episode 5 – With Commentary

There sure are a lot of A & W’s in Indonesia.


Student council’s busy taking care of paper work.

The trio discusses budget allocation over some tea.

Zenkichi explains that when Medaka was a kid, she solved the Juglar theory (Google it, this stupid writer has no idea what that is). As a prize, she was given a cash check apparently worth enough to cover her whole life’s expenses. Because of that, she has always been clueless when it comes to money management.

So the student council is getting several requests from clubs asking for a budget increase. Since the student council can’t attend to all the clubs, Akune comes up with the idea to hold a relay where the winning club gets the budget increase. Zenkichi adds that it might as well be a water relay since someone requested for an event to be held at the school’s new swimming pool.

Zenkichi and Shiranui discuss the latest Medaka antics over some donuts.

Shiranui brings up the swimming team who are money hungry bastards who’d do anything for some cash and – Whoa! Those are some huge knockers on Kikaijima!

Relay day and several familiar faces turn up.

Zenkichi goes on to discuss the rules. Each club will have three representatives. Guys wear floaters as a handicap. Before Zenkichi could finish, Medaka asks for the mic.

Medaka declares that the student council will also participate and anyone who beats their score will get triple the prize money which will come out of the council’s own pocket. Obviously Zenkichi and Akune aren’t too happy about that.

And the first game is some ball basket.

Oh yeah, the announcers for this event are Shiranui and some loli from the broadcast club.

Shiranui goes off topic and talks about how she first met Zenkichi.

Nabeshima hows up and she takes advantage of the guys’ handicap by having an all girl’s team.

Everyone has a hard time playing. The balls are heavy and they sink to the pool floor. The floaters prevent the guys going deep but the pool’s too deep for the girls to reach the balls anyway.

And two of the three student council members decide to chill. No point in stressing out right?

Super Medaka’s doing all the work. Jeez, she’s worse than Cena…Oh don’t mind that. Just wrestling stuff.

Shiranui spills Medaka’s technique so now everyone’s doing it.

Despit being super human, Medaka only placed in second behind the swimming team.

They emptied their lungs so they would sink to the bottom. Pretty risky move that could get ’em killed with one mistake.

These maniacs don’t care. They’ll swim and die for money.


I was hoping this arc wouldn’t go beyond one episode because it doesn’t really need to. Most of the time for this episode was spent on verbose conversations and info dumps. We’re not even in “that” part of the story where info dumps are necesarry. Gainax have really slowed down on this one. Another thing, every time Shiranui or the other loli commentator say something, the scene goes straight to them. That’s not how commentary is supposed to go. I wonder if the producers have ever seen a boxing match. The camera doesn’t cut to the commentators when they say something, it focuses on the fight while the commentary plays in the background. Obviously seeing a pool full of high schoolers struggle to throw wet balls at a basket twenty feet above them would be a lot more entertaining to watch than two lolis simply chat it up. This is when the writers and directors need to realize what they’re supposed to be doing: Make something entertaining. By the way, what kind of perverted camera man focuses on his subject’s boobs as she speaks?!

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