Figma Kaname Madoka

In case you’re wondering, this little writer is currently in Jakarta with an unstable source of internet. I still haven’t gotten to watch Medaka Box or Sankarea but I assure you my loyal readers that the reviews will come soon. In the mean time, have some Madoka.

She’s actually pretty short. Here’s a comparison with big sis Makina.

She also comes with the hero of mankind: Kyubey. No idea why Makina’s legs are in the background but y’okay.

And she comes with a shocked face.

And a mad face. Also shown here is her soul gem. Really tiny accessory, easy to lose but you get two of them.

But if you lose one, you won’t be able to do the happy soul gem dance!

And here’s her staff. Don’t think this ever appeared in the anime.

And finally her bow.

Overall, Madoka’s a decent Figma. Her design is exactly like her anime counterpart. They even got the wide face right. She has a decent array of accessories and of course Kyubey. Probably her only flaws are her skirt which limits leg mobility and it actually scratches the paint off her blouse so watch out for that. Kyubey is a little difficult to balance with his movable head and all. Setting up an arrow can be a little frustrating at first and it’s easy to knock off which is why I prefer to pose her with her staff.

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