Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 4 – Evident Budget Issues.

Good News! I’ll be off to Indonesia and Singapore for a bit more than a week which means I won’t have to stick with the cruddy Internet service I have here at home!


It’s the Paranormal Investigations Club Summer Training Camp! Hey look, Yuuko is uncharacteristically watching from a distance. Something must be wrong. NAH! I’m just over thinking things.

So the club finds a place in the school to settle down.

Momoe finds an old guard’s journal and reads from it. The excerpt that she randomly chose to read happened to be about a mysterious knocking the guard hears in the middle of the night.

So now the club has something to do later, but first…


And now that that’s done, things get serious as the club prepares to explore the school at night. Except Momoe, she wants to stay behind to see if she will hear the knocking sound just like in the journal entry.

So now Kirie and Teiichi go out to explore. Kirie admits that she set this whole thing up so she can find the ghost she thought was Yuuko’s true ugly form.

She finishes her story then realizes Teiichi disappeared.

Yuuko apparently dragged Teiichi into a classroom to express how much she’s mad at him for leaving her during the summer. He’s the only person Yuuko who can see and talk to her and she doesn’t want to be lonely again…

And Kirie is not an option.

So Yuuko notions Teiichi to “touch” her since she’s always been the assertive one. Now she wants Teiichi to assert himself into her.

Teiichi decides to touch Yuuko’s hands instead. Totally not what she wanted but hey, it works for her so she plays along.

They come back to find Kirie crying like a baby.

Anyway she recovers and they return to the room. When they get there, they find that it’s locked so Yuuko knocks on the door. A stumbling sound comes from inside and so Teiichi and Kirie run to enter through the back window to check.

Only to find Momoe trying to get out. She thought it was the mysterious ghost knock that was told in the journey.

While everyone’s asleep, Yuuko takes the time to read the guard’s journal. Teiichi wakes up and she tells how she used to knock on the guards door, and sneak in as the guard checks for who could have done it. Nights in the school were cold, and Yuuko found the heater in the guards room to be a good source of comfort. Unfortunately as the years go by, the guard learned not to respond to Yuuko’s knocking so she was left to stay in the cold outdoors.

Yuuko and Teiichi sneak out and Kirie was awake to see them leave. She wonder’s what they could possibly be doing until she realizes how all “boy and girl alone at night” situations end up.

Yuuko wants Teiichi to help her looked for the cursed stone. The story goes that there’s a stone in the old school building and if your name is written on it, you’ll be cursed to die.

And it seems they found it…

And to Teiichi horror, he finds his name there!

Only for Yuuko to admit it was all a prank.

And since ghosts don’t need to sleep and Teiichi wants to see Yuuko naked again, they go for a midnight skinny dip, or at least Yuuko does. Teiichi keeps his clothes on. At the same time, Yuuko explains how curses are just normal things that get blown out of proportion because people freak out about it. There is no cursed knocking noise and there is no cursed stone, just Yuuko being sneaky and pulling pranks. And with that, the episode comes to an end…

Oh yeah, there was this creepy shadow thing standing infont of Kirie while she was asleep but I’m sure it’s nothing important.


This episode had some of the most meaningful lines so far. Yuuko brought up her loneliness in past episodes, but her little monologue this time actually made me feel what the show was trying to make us feel all this time. The music helped build on the atmosphere too. Kirie had her moment too with how she added a hint of affection to her words as she told Teiichi how she now has him to be with her. Other than that, there’s not much nice things to say about this episode. It felt like the episode took on a 4koma style for the first half. Those were short skits that all build up towards a punchline. Most of themewere predictable halfway through but some got a decent giggle out of me. Obviously Momoe was vital for these comedic skits thus solidifying her role as the joke character. Animation for this episode took an obvious step down. A good chunk of the episode was spent on still shots. It really became evident when it turned to showing stock background art while a looped animation of Teiichi and Yuuko’s silouhuette running showed in the corner. I also get the feeling that following the manga isn’t much of a priority for the writer’s.

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