Medaka Box Episode 4 – Worst. Bishounen. Ever.

I’m gonna be changing up the template for these reviews so I can add a little more “fun”, and if you’ve read Sunny Side Anime Blog’s About page, you know I’m all about fun. So here we go!


Continuation of Akune vs. Zenkichi from last episode. They’re playing by Akune’s rules. He has to score ten points to win; Zenkichi only needs one.

And Akune gets the first point.

Nabeshima and Medaka chat while Akune scores eight more points. Nabeshima dislikes prodigies. She prefers hard work over natural talent, which is why she wants Zenkichi in her team. Medaka doesn’t believe in prodigies.

Zenkichi’s about to lose when Medaka tries to be moe and tells Zenkichi to win for her sake.

It apparently works and Zenkichi manages to take down Akune, winning a point and winning the fight.

Akune picks Zenkichi up as a show of sportsmanship.

Next day, Zenkichi and Shiranui are walking to the student council room.

And Akune’s in there naked.

Apparently Nabeshima kicked him out of the club so Akune can pursue Medaka.

So now he’s the naked student council secretary.

Shiranui is enjoying this.

Akune thinks that they should follow Medaka’s example and show of their cleavage.

Moving on, the student council gets a request from this tomboy, let’s call her Ms. Minor Character C. She wants the student council to write a letter for her since her handwriting sucks.

And Medaka’s a prodigy at calligraphy but since she doesn’t believe in prodigies, she’s not. Whatever.

Out of nowhere she assigns Akune to handle the whole thing.

Since the guy’s madly in love with Medaka, writing a love letter was no problem. Medaka rejects the letter stating that he wrote it with his emotions in mind. He has to remember that he’s doing it for C so it should contain C’s emotions.

So Akune takes the long way around this and trains C on the art of handwriting.

And so the day comes when she finally confesses and gives her letter. Student council regulations forbid them to tell the result of C’s confession. Whatever.

Medaka gives Akune a pat on the head.

And he goes Italy mode. Same voice actor apparently.


Just another day at Medaka’s student council I guess. Didn’t really entertain me, but at least it wasn’t dragging. See there are boring twenty-minute anime, and then there are boring twenty-minute anime that feel like two hours. Medaka Box is fortunately in the former. Medaka’s character is just so annoying. She was annoying in the manga but now that she has a voice, her annoying-ness has quadrupled. I think that’s what Gainax is going for, though I don’t get why. You’re supposed to make your main character likeable. She’s not supposed to be annoying. Seriously, I don’t get how anyone can like Medaka. For what she gets for her boobs, it’s taken away by how annoying she is. She’s so perfect, it’s pointless to make her the main character. I could see what the hentai doujins look like now. Typical rape scene with the guy/s cornering Medaka and taking off their pants when WHAM! “I’m so perfect, I can’t even be vulnerable in hentai! Off with your dicks!” And then she wins without even being touched once. Anyway about the title, it refers to Akune. I know he’s not supposed to be estrogen brigade bait and he has his moments of weakness, but even when he does classic bishounen stuff, it just looks so bad. Not to mention he’s a total loser when it comes to love. He lost to Zenkichi for Medaka; he gets rejected by her anyway, and some years later, his feelings in the form of a letter are still rejected. Poor guy. Anyway next episode is the Kikaijima episode which means SWIMSUITS!

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