Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 3 Synopsis and Review

Late post, I know. I apologize. Blame Aquarion Evol and their bananas.


Teiichi gets a love letter? No, it’s a request for Teiichi to meet the sender and it’s concerning Yuuko.

Teiichi gets to the meeting point. Judging by those legs, it’s Kirie. Since, chronologically, this part of the story happens before episode one, for story purposes, let’s pretend we don’t know who this mysterious bare-legged girl is.

The mysterious girl warns Teiichi to avoid Yuuko. She’s a cursed ghost who will spirit Teiichi away when he let’s his guard down.

Teiichi recalls what Yuuko said about people seeing her differently. He begins to doubt himself and thinks that he may see Yuuko as a pretty girl, but in reality, she might really be a monster.

Yuuko appears before Teiichi as it rains. She was waiting for him in the club room the whole time. Momoe was there, but of course they can’t talk to each other since Momoe can’t see Yuuko.

Anyway, her clothes get wet from the rain (obviously), and so the two go to the infirmary to dry up.

While there, and while pretty much naked, Yuuko asks Teiichi how he sees her. He describes Yuuko as having long straight hair, beautiful white skin, and nice perky boobs. Yuuko’s happy that Teiichi sees the same thing she sees in the mirror. The boobs part was a lie by the way.

Just then, the mysterious miniskirt-clad girl appears and describes the Yuuko she sees: Fizzled hair, dark, rotten skin, a twisted scowl on her face and sagging, granny boobs.

She dares Teiichi to look at Yuuko now and sure enough, his perception of Yuuko has changed.

The mysterious girl saves Teiichi from the now-butt-ugly-as-hell Yuuko and reveals her true identity: She is Kanoe Kirie, which means she is a blood relative of Yuuko. She once saw Yuuko in her grandmother’s photos and then started seeing Yuuko the ghost.

At first, she saw Yuuko as the beautiful, pale maiden Teiichi sees but one day, she started seeing Yuuko’s true, hideous form.

Teiichi mentions Yuuko’s corpse to Kirie when Yuuko catches up to them. The two run away.

Teiichi brings Kirie to where Yuuko’s corpse is. She opens up the stairs leading to the basement when…

Yuuko appears behind Teiichi. Kirie gets frightened and flees to the basement of all places.

Yuuko asks Teiichi to look at her but he’s hesitant. She admits how much happier she became when she finally met someone who could see her. She enjoyed the time she spent with Teiichi and thanks him.

Teiichi stops Yuuko from leaving him and starts to see Yuuko normally again.

But if Teiichi is to understand Yuuko better, he’s gonna have to get a close look at Yuuko’s skeleton, which Yuuko, still naked, tries to stop Teiichi from doing.

Teiichi descends to the basement and finds Kirie crying.

He examines Yuuko’s corpse with her and finds Yuuko’s leg broken.

Then, Kirie points to something. It’s a shrine, which sort of confirms the rumors that the school was built over a shrine.

The two go back up and Kirie starts having second thoughts about Yuuko being cursed. Things seem to go back to normal but Yuuko still doesn’t like Kirie.

Back in the club room some time after the previous events, Momoe is excited to reveal her findings about Yuuko’s “Spirited Away” story.

Turns out that the school may have been cursed for being built over a shrine. So it’s not a cursed girl, it’s a cursed school that’s the problem. This totally changes everything.

Kirie shows up and says she’s joining the club, in the most tsundere way possible.


Well this episode was a huge step up in terms of plot progression. Some vital info about Yuuko’s past was uncovered and we get a more concrete example of the whole “people see Yuuko dependng on their thoughts” thing. This was just a really good episode especially with how they presented Kirie’s perception of Yuuko. It would be legitimate horror material if this was turned into a live action show. Still, this show is just plagued with fan service. It’s not that I don’t like seeing Yuuko naked, it’s just that it’s starting to get stale already. Let’s see, episode one Yuuko tries to have sex in an elevator, episode 2 Yuuko changes her clothes in front of Teiichi, and episode 3 Yuuko was naked 75% of the time. Can we have one episode where Yuuko keeps her clothes on please? It’s really hard trying to sympathize with this poor amnesiac ghost when her boobs are in the way. Also, I feel as if this episode would have been so much more enjoyable had I not seen the first episode. Kirie here was presented as some mysterious character who was aware of Yuuko’s presence, but with episode 1 showing Kirie being fully aware and somewhat complacent with Yuuko, it’s hard to play along with the “mysterious girl” thing.

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