Sankarea Episode 3 Synopsis and Review

I had a dream where I finally got that Luka Tony Version figure I pre-ordered. In reality, it’s not coming until September…*sigh*


Rea puts on a fake smile as she greets her family good morning.

Her dad apologizes for slapping her. No way. Rea’s dad showing a fragment of humanity? IT’S A SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE! Rea apologizes for breaking her dad’s rules and so her dad reverts to being an asshole and tells her she should be. He’s the law around here.

Their butler interrupts them and says he has important matters to discuss with Rea’s dad.

Rea listens in as the two have some hot yaoi time. Actually they’re talking about castrating Chihiro.

Meanwhile Chihiro’s trying to get Bob down a tree. He’s just happy his zombie juice worked.

Bob leaps from the tree and runs away. Chihiro and Wanko give chase.

Bob jumps into a canal and Chihiro and boobs follow suit. Unfortunately Wanko gets stuck because of her…

bag. Anyway, Rea sneaks out of the house.

She goes to Chihiro’s school, finds Chihiro’s friends and ask where he is. Pervert-friend can’t give a straight answer while shota-friend says Chihiro might not be going to school.

Chihiro finds Bob eating Hydrangea, which was the plant Rea gave for Chihiro’s zombie juice.

Chihiro looks up and is surprised to see Rea trekking the cliff.

Pedo-dad and Sebastian Michaelis catch up to Rea.

Rea stands up for herself and demands her dad to give her freedom.

Bob jumps in and Pedo-dad starts panicking because he’s allergic to zombie cats.

He tries to swat Bob but Rea steps in to defend the poor thing.

She gets knocked off the cliff.

Hits a branch and her guts burst open. Oh yeah!

Chihiro witnesses all this.

And it rains for dramatic effect.

Just then, Rea slowly gets up. Her guts were blurred off by the way. Stupid censors…

She’s been successfully zombified!


I really hate pedo-dad. He’s the kind of scum you see on news reports. The kind that gets arrested and life sentence for abusing his family, but since pedo-dad is a rich, influential bastard, he can do anything he wants and get away with it. Rea? She’s the personification of the “shy girl” stereotype. The way she interacted with Chihiro’s friends, it feels like I’ve watched that scene a thousand times before.  Chihiro showed a little more character this time around, but the attention was still on Rea. Rea’s mom actually gets some significant dialogue but I’m still not sure what role she’s gonna play here. I do have to commend the music by the way. I know initially I said the music wasn’t noticeable, but this time around I felt it compliment the mood of the scenes it plays in. Speaking of scenes, the whole rain thing was cliched. It was sunny that morning and it really only got cloudy when the drama picked up. Why can’t someone die on a beautiful, cloudless day? The animation in this show is consistent but come on! Censors?! Another (a gory, mystery anime. Not “another” as in something else) was completely uncensored and someone openned himself up with a knife in that show!

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