Medaka Box Episode 3 Synopsis and Review

Screw the intro! Let’s get right down to business!


Zenkichi’s training with the boxing club.

Who I assume to be the team captain talks about Zenkichi not actually joining any club.

Next scene. Zenkichi’s eating with Shiranui and Hyuga when an obviously not suspicious character stops beside them.

The guy’s Kanoya. He ran for president like Medaka but ultimately lost. Now he’s aking for Zenkichi’s help.

Kanoya wants to take out Medaka using force and he thinks Zenkichi could be an asset to his plan.

Ultimately the discussion leads to nothing and so Kanoya walks off leaving negotiations open.

Apparently Medaka was there the whole time. She doesn’t care that not everyone loves her. All she cares about is that she loves everyone.

No, that is not Zenkichi’s boner. Kanoya’s getting ready by gathering his minions and weapons. Look at all those nail bats!

Zenkichi drops by.

And proceeds to lay the smackdown on Kanoya and co.’s ass.

Meanwhile in the judo club, there’s talk about Zenkichi crashing the other clubs except  theirs. Mysterious Sparkling Man downplays Zenkichi’s feat as a desparate show of strength.

Meanwhile, no one came to Medaka’s welcome party.

Second half! Hey! It’s Ms. Minor Character A and B!

B accidentally runs into Mysterious Sparkling Man who saves her from falling.

A introduces Mysterious Sparkling Man as Akune Kouki, someone popular with the ladies in her batch and the Prince of Judo. Meanwhile, Medaka prepares for a job at the judo club.

The team captain introduces herself, Nabeshima Nekomi. She’s graduating so she needs to find the succeeding team captain and that’s why the student council is there to help.

Nekomi brings Akune to meet Medaka but he loses his cool in the face of such huge breasts. Actually Medaka firmly states that she will have none of Akune’s Bishounen act. Also Akune’s voice actor did Italy from Hetalia and it becomes fairly obvious at this part.

Medaka sends Akune to stay with Zenkichi. Those two are such good friends aren’t they?

Their history goes back to middle school. Akune was madly in love with Medaka while Zenkichi was madly annoyed by Akune.

Medaka decides that whoever can take her down will become the next captain. Co-captain McNonimportant attacks first, goes for her boobs, and shouts a resounding “OPPAI!” as he’s taken down. Nice job co-cap.

While Medaka slaughters the rest of the judo team. Zenkichi and Akune continue throwing insults at each other. Nekomi steps in to stop the two and proposes a challenge. The two boys fight each other in judo. If Akune win’s, he replaces Zenkichi in the stundent council and Zenkichi is forced to join the judo club. If Zenkichi wins, he gets to kiss Akune in the lips. Joking. Really, Zenkichi gets nothing from this fight.

And so cliffhanger ending.


So once again the episode is split into two parts. Unlike the previous episode though the second part didn’t finish. Kinda dissapointing but whatever. Akune is amusing. He has this pseudo-Bishonen flair but before Medaka, he totally wusses out and goes into Italy mode. This was definitely better done here than in the manga. This time around there’s a hint of Gainax-ness when Zenkichi took on Kanoya. It was the classic over-exaggerrated action characteristic of Gainax Studios. Unfortunately the music was still whimsical and harmonious. Normally not a bad thing, but whenever I see Zenkichi, I think of the hot-blooded hero stereotype who’s always accompanied by intense rock music. Ack! My thumb is bleeding! Nevermind. Anyway stay tuned to Sunny Side Anime Blog for the next Sankarea and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia episode! Maybe I’ll even review Queen’s Blade Rebellion if I get popular enough! Also watch Boku no Pico. It’s a little mature so I’m not putting it on my blog but it’s a really emotional  heart warming tale that everyone should see.

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