Sega Prize Hatsune Miku and Saber (Fate/Extra)

Sega Prize to a figure collector is like Toyota to a car enthusiast. It’s a brand known more for it’s affordability than the quality of its products. This time I’ll be looking at two Sega Prize figures, Hatsune Miku and Saber from Fate/Extra.

I bought these at OzineFest 2012 at discounted prices. Pretty sure Miku is a pre-owned figure and Saber was just stuck in the shelf for a long time.

Forgive the ever changing lighting of my figures. As it stands my only lighting tool is the good sun itself.

Notice how Miku’s hair and face have less detail than my other Miku figure.

Her clothing on the other hand is moderately detailed, except for the flat necktie.

Her pigtails, for some reason, are soft and movable. They have to be held using these pegs.

Nothing much to see at the back.

Let’s look at Saber now.

“Baka writer-san! Saber wears blue armor! This is propably some rip-off!”

No, this is Saber from Fate/Extra. A spinoff game.

She comes with two faces.

Though there’s barely any diffrence really.

Pretty well detailed compared to Miku.

Her boots look nice for a low price figure.

Her back looks dirty because of a botched paint job.

But her hair and ribbon look nice enough.

Last picture. This is as low as I go without giving away a panty shot!

Well nothing to impressive about these two. Some of my smaller scale figmas are better design, but, it’s what to expect from low price figures I guess. I’d have to say hough, Saber looks good despite her price tag. Shame she’s stuck with such a bland base. Hey, better cheap but original than fake I guess. Support the manufacturers! Say no to bootlegs!

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