Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 2 Synopsis and Review

Apologies. This should have come out sooner but I was too distracted with playing Tales of Graces f!


Flashback to the day Teiichi and Yuuko first met. Teiichi is lost in the old school building

He remembers a ghost story about a mirror and, well what do you know, a mirror!

He hears his name being called. He turns around and there behind him was Yuuko.

Teiichi freaks out, but calms down when he realizes it’s just a girl from school. He starts following Yuuko around when she tells him that she’s the ghost of the old building. Suddenly, several disturbing images flash before Teiichi.

Teiichi believes that if Yuuko really was a ghost, he wouldn’t be able to touch her. Fortunately, he does touch her. There. Why there?

Yuuko explains she has amnesia, doesn’t know how she died, so it might as well not matter that she’s a ghost.

Teiichi asks why Yuuko’s clinging on to him. She answers saying she’s just happy to be with him. She goes on saying she won’t be there forever.

Yuuko tells the story of a girl who was trapped within this school, possible referring to her own death.

Teiichi runs for the mirror where they firs met, smashes it and finds Yuuko’s remains.

Yuuko tried to stop Teiichi, but was too late. She gets embarassed since Teiichi saw her naked. Apparently to Yuuko, the skeleton is the ultimate nudity.

Some days later, Yuuko starts the paranormal investigations club to research on her past.

And here comes their first client, Momoe.

Momoe played a game called “Hide the Demon”. She wrote Yuuko’s name on a doll, stabbed it with a cutter and hid. To end “Hide the Demon”, the player has to go back to the doll and tell that the game is over, if not, the player will be haunted by what was put on the doll. Unfortunately, Momoe couldn’t find the doll and now she believes Yuuko is after her.

Teiichi needs to talk with Yuuko while Momoe can’t see her so they do the cellphone schtick they did in theĀ  last episode.

So Yuuko makes a charm for Momoe, but it’s only a temporary fix. She explains how Momoe has self-induced hysteria because of that Hide the Demon game so she might end up hurting herself. Teiichi and Yuuko make a plan to save Momoe.

Oh yeah, turns out Yuuko took Momoe’s doll since it had her name on it.

So about that plan, Teiichi saves Momoe while Yuuko pretends to attack her. On the right is what Momoe sees because of her hysteria, on the left is what really happens.

Momoe gets the doll back and thanks Teiichi. She confesses her admiration for Teiichi’s bravery. Obviously, Yuuko isn’t too happy with Momoe joining the club, but what can she do? She’s a ghost of a club president.


I’m quite conflicted by this show’s visual style. I like its usual shade-heavy appearance but there are times when it deviates from that. It’s mixed nuts really. I enjoyed what they did during the legend of the sealed girl and telling of the school’s history. I didn’t show it here but they mimicked traditional Japanese art. Obviously a better choice than just showing Teiichi or Yuuko’s face speaking. On the other hand, Momoe’s Hide the Demon scene looked inappropriately childish. The music was ominous; Momoe’s voice sounded grave, but the presentation was like that of a comedy skit. It was bright with heavy outlines. At other times I felt like they were channeling Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or Bakemonogatari. It’s all too much inconsistency for me. If it were up to me, I’d stick with their usual style more. As for the plot progression, since the first episode,s this has been done with Yuuko merely talking while getting Teiichi to touch her. No actual actions have been done to move the plot. Hopefully that changes since next episode will be about Kirie. Also this show is going to be three episodes deep and still only done with character introductions. This show only has four major characters (three if you count Momoe as merely a joke character), but still I feel like they’re taking too long with this. If this is the standard twelve to thirteen episode anime, I fear we might get a rushed ending. That, or they’ll have to cut out the filler content.

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