Sankarea Episode 2 Synopsis and Review

What the hell are those spots on Rea’s dad’s head?!


Rea’s watching a zombie flick while Chihiro’s at work with his zombification potion.

He’s tried just about every poisonous plant which fits the description of the mysterious last ingredient.

Rea has an idea and leaves to get something.

Flashback about Rea’s childhood and her creepy dad.

Her dad takes pictures of Rea naked as a “recording of Rea’s annual growth”. Of course Rea figures this isn’t a normal family activity.

Rea makes a friend in school.

Rea tells her new friend about her pedophile (among other things) dad.

Back to the present, Chihiro grows inpatient. He looks for Rea and finds her climbing a cliff. In high heels.

Chihiro, in less than a minute, runs to Rea and saves her.

Rea was out looking for a plant they could use.

Back to the flashback. Rea confronts her dad but it leads to nothing.

Rea learn’s that her friend’s family had to move towns because Rea’s dad pulled some strings with their jobs. Obviously, Rea’s friend isn’t too pleased to see the daughter of the guy who screwed her family over.

Another naked daughter photoshoot.

Rea thinks that if her happiness comes at the cost of the happiness of others, then she might as well stay unhappy.

Back to the present. Chihiro is done with his zombie juice, having used the plant Rea picked up.

She tells Rea to hold it while he gets Bob.

Rea takes the opportunity to steal some grape juice.

Bob gets some juice, but he doesn’t come back to life.

Chihiro tells Rea that he’s given up and he’s gonna bury Bob.

Not before he kidnaps Rea and rapes her in his bedroom.

Just kidding. Rea was limping so Chihiro picked her up and gave her a ride home on his bike.

Rea says she’ll come to Bob’s funeral, smiles like a drunk lady, and parts ways.

Daddy sees Rea and Chihiro getting all romantic.

Chihiro arrives home and is greeted by his cousin Wanko. From the bathroom. She was bathing. She’s naked. He can see that. All of that. Why can’t I be him?

Wanko, still naked, goes to Chihiro’s room with him. Sees the ice box and gets suspicious as to why Chihiro’s been out late at night with an ice box. I was kidding about the naked part.

Wanko gives Chihiro a footjob. Again, kidding. She just grabs a hold of the icebox and pushes Chihiro away with her feet.

She opens the box and out pops Bob who escapes into the moonlight.

At Rea’s side of the story, she’s banned from leaving the house. She even has to quit school. She’s fed up with her dad’s obsession with keeping her to himself and so she takes the zombie juice, which, if you were keen enough to remember had poisonous plant as an ingredient.


So this time Rea was narrating and man, is she depressing or what? Then again, I’d be depressed too if my father took naked pictures of me. Her dad is a creepy bastard and the story does well to focus on that. This time around, we get to know more about Rea too. We now know why she’s so gloomy. Unfortunately, all this focus on Rea and Pedo-dad meant less focus on Chihiro. Hell, Wanko left a better impression and she was only shown for less than five minutes. Maybe it was because she was either naked or scantily clad in her screen time. Lemme tell you. It was really hard to get screencaps for the synopsis, the anime’s direction seems to go with implying everything visually while the narrator out right says it. The part where Rea’s best friend’s family leaves town was symbolized by their house’s lighted nameplate going off. I kinda like it. It’s a creative way of showing things. Also Wanko should be naked every time she appears.

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