Medaka Box Episode 2 Synopsis and Review

So first show of my second week of reviewing anime! Medaka Box episode 2 was actually a two-part episode so you’ll really have to read my synopsis instead of just flipping through the neat pictures and ignoring my beautifully crafted and wisely chosen words. READ FOOL!


Medaka get’s a request from Miss Minor Character A, she’s a second year and a member of the track team.

Someone sent a threat letter and cut up her shoes.

Medaka promises to find the culprit within the day.

Zenkichi talks about narrowing down suspects. Medaka gives out very specific factors which would help narrow down the suspects.

Factor#1: The culprit didn’t cut the brand logo which means she/he has an attachment to that brand and probably uses the same kind if shoes.

Factor#2: The culprit reads Fuguruma Newspaper because Medaka identified the articles which had the words the culprit used.

Factor#3: The culprit lives in block 23 since – I don’t know anymore. The explanations are getting ridiculous.

People who hurt hardworking people infuriate Medaka so much it forces her tea to boil.

Zenkichi, with the help of his classmate Shiranui, narrow down the suspects to Miss Minor Character B!

Medaka stops them from apprehending her and tells them not to jump into conclusions.

Instead she goes with the direct approach and asks her.

B makes a run for it.

But Medaka and her super godly powers catch up.

Medaka asks if B did it and B tries to deny it.

Medaka holds B, tells her she trusts her and, judging by how fast B ran, Medaka figures she’s a hard worker and she admires that.

B wonders if Medaka knows how to doubt people, Zenkichi answers saying it’s not that she doesn’t know how to doubt. It’s that she knows how to trust better.

Miss Minor Character A returns and thanks the student council.

She reports that her substitute shoes are missing but a new pair and a letter of apology replaced it.

Medaka reads too much into the letter and is suspicious of the missing substitute shoes.

Second part, the student council gets a request to find a lost dog.

Medaka leaves it to Zenkichi, saying she’s bad with animals.

Shiranui tags along and asks Zenkichi why Medaka didn’t come.

Zenkichi reveals Medaka had a traumatizing experience with animals when she was young.

But  that’s why Zenkichi’s there to cover Medaka’s weaknesses!

They find the lost dog and it looks nothing like the cute doodle on the request letter.

Zenkichi is intimidated but at least Shiranui’s there to back him up right?


But Shiranui does give Zenkichi sausages! To distract the dog?

No! So he can go “Aaagh my intestines are spilling!” with the sausages.

Zenkichi tosses his net and sausages and goes head on with the dog.

Only to pussy out. Also animation error, Zenkichi tosses his net, runs bare handed, but flees with the net back at his hand?

Zenkichi, now beat up, reports the situation to Medaka.

It’s cool! He and Shiranui will take care of it!

Medaka gets irked by the mention of Shiranui.

She doesn’t like getting other people involved in her problems. Except Zenkichi.

So she decides to handle it and puts on a costume to attract the dog.

But the dog is afraid of Medaka and submits.

Turn’s out Medaka’s trauma is that animals are afraid of her, like when she had to feed the school rabbits and they wouldn’t come out of their holes.

So in the end, the dog reunites with it’s owner.

And Medaka falls into depression because she couldn’t get the dog to like her.


Well, I’ve found the pattern for this series’ episodes. Bring up new request. Initial attempt to solve things. Medaka intervenes. Problem solved. Zenkichi goes for a “lesson of the day” monologue while the sun sets. Epilogue shows the requester happy. Medaka on the other hand, does something stupid at the end. At least, if my memory of the manga serves me right, things should get more plot relevant from here on out. Pat on the back to Gainax for accomplishing so much in just two episodes. Kick to the balls for the uninspired visual style and odd music. Seriously, I hope they’re just holding back so the serious part of the story can come out as epic as Gainax can make it.

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