State of the Blog Address (April 12, 2012)

Unfortunately, my internet is still slower than dial-up. I contacted my new internet service provider and they are not getting off their lazy asses until friday.  Due to these circumstances, I’ll have to limit my anime reviewing to these three shows: Medaka Box, Sankarea, and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. I’ll also be attending a local convention, Ozine Fest 2012, so there may be a delay in my review for Medaka Box episode 2, but I will be covering OzineFest so expect some cosplay and figure pictures when I get back. I also plan to start a new blog segment called “Dude’s Writing Yaoi!” with a Skyrim fanfic already in the works. I’m not sure if this is going to attract more readers, or just turn off the readers I already have…Anyway, I’m off to pester my IPS again. Take care and keep supporting SSAB. Oh yeah, here’s a preview of that Skyrim yaoi:

“Vilkas is it really alright for us to do this now? What if the Companions return?”
“Hush, brother. Ever since we joined this damned guild, we haven’t had time to ‘play’ like we used to. Now with the new harbinger taking everyone out to hunt, it’s the perfect opportunity to do this. Just lie down and let your good older brother take care of you!”
“Thi-this is kind of embarassing, brother.”
“My, my Farkas! Since when were you the type to get embarassed? There’s no one here. It’s alright. Now let me undo your tunic!”
“Wait! What about Tilma the caretaker?”
“Killed her, dumped her body in a river. Now less talking, more undressing!”
“Hold on.”
“Farkas! When did you get so hairy?”
“Wipe that smile off your face Vilkas! You know Lycanthropy has had it’s side effects.”
“Oh we can’t ‘play with all this in the way. I’ll have to shave you brother!”

Yes, manly men, twincest and shaving. There might also be some tongue action too. I’ll add non-dialogue lines later.

One thought on “State of the Blog Address (April 12, 2012)

  1. stevaniahagos

    okay…taking what i associate with Skyrim into consideration (you KNOW what/who that is XD), that little fan fiction excerpt both disturbed and intrigued me. disturbed because of YOU KNOW and intrigued because…well, it’s been months since i’ve read any type of fan fiction so i’m easily intrigued. so…good luck with that story…i’ll be reviewing it when you post. >:))


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